A 29 year old Frenchman thought to have returned not long ago from fighting with Islamist aggressive revolutionaries in Syria has been taken into custody for the murder of three people at Brussels’ Jewish Museum last month.

Mehdi Nemmouche was arrested on Friday following a chance check at a bus terminal in the French city of Marseille revealed he was transporting a Kalashnikov rifle, a further gun and ammo like to those employed in the shooting last weekend.

Nemmouche had been transporting a video where a voice resembling his own declares accountability and culpability for the shootings.

European governments have become increasingly troubled that citizens going to fight in Syria will introduce Islamist militancy on their homecoming.

Nemmouche served five prison terms in France prior to consuming nearly all of 2013 in Syria.

During his previous visit in prison, he was noticed for zealot Islamist proselytism.  He depleted over a year in Syria, where he seems to have joined the ranks of belligerent organizations, jihadist revolutionary organizations.

The Kalashnikov had been rolled up in a banner with the inscriptions of the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), an ultra conservative belligerent assemblage reconstituted from an earlier manifestation of al Qaeda and functioning in Syria and Iraq.

An Israeli couple and a French woman were murdered when a man come in the Jewish Museum in the centre of the Belgian metropolis on May 24 and initiated gunfire with a Kalashnikov. A Belgian man is still in a critical state in hospital.

A 30 second video clip from the museum’s security cameras discharged by police displayed a man donning a dark cap, sunglasses and blue jacket coming into the building, taking a rifle out of a bag and firing into a room before unexcitedly ambling out.

The assault evoked recollections of the slaying of four Jews in 2012 at a school in France by Mohamed Merah, a criminal encouraged by al Qaeda.

Following Nemmouche’s apprehension was declared. President Francois Hollande stated France was determined to do all it could to prevent radicalised youths carrying out assaults.

It was said that they will now observe these jihadists and make sure that, when they come back from a fight that it is not theirs, and that’s unmistakably not ours.  It was said that they will fight them.

Roughly 700 French jihadists were either in Syria or had come back to France after fighting there, a primary interest in a country that is host to both Europe’s extensive Jewish and Muslim communities, the latter chiefly of North African origin. 

France declared fresh strategies in April that endeavored to avert young Muslims becoming radicalised and to cease French inhabitants uniting the Syrian civil war.

Nemmouche is being kept on suspicion of murder, attempted murder and ownership of armaments, all in the connection of rebel movement, adding that the accused had made no comment on the indictments.

Soulifa Badaoui, who has acted as a lawyer for Nemmouche, the accused in the past, has stated he was not observant at all at the time.

Belgian federal magistrate Erik Van der Sypt explained that they would endeavor to get Nemmouche’s extradition from France, but European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor favored increased activity to stop antipathy violations.

For too long, authorities in Europe have behaved rapidly after the fact, and it’s presently time for all to make the prevention of these wicked offenses a top preference.

Safety around all Jewish establishments in Belgium was elevated to soaring levels following the shooting, and French officialdoms in addition stepped up safety after two Jews were assaulted the same day as they departed a synagogue in a Paris suburb bearing traditional Jewish attire.

Approximately fifty percent of Belgium’s 42,000 robust Jewish inhabitants live in Brussels. France’s Jewish inhabitants are the largest in Europe with some 550,000, but violence such as the 2012 school killings and financial woes has provoked a spread in resettlement to Israel or somewhere else.

And now we hear that a caretaker of the Jewish cemetery of Thessaloniki arrived to a dreadful scene on Thursday morning. May 28.  The graves had been vandalized, adornments had been smashed and even grave coverings looked like they were moved. 

It is said that police officers will do whatever is humanly conceivable to apprehend the hooligans.

Thessaloniki housed an influential Jewish community of 50,000 people during the Second World War, 96 percent of whom were butchered in concentration camps.

The Golden Dawn Party, nevertheless, stating Nazi and anti Semitic views, challenges that the Nazi’s never used ovens and gas chambers to annihilate Jews in concentration camps.

The Greek Neo Nazi party has increased widespread acceptance over the past years and not long ago accomplished to select three politicians as members of the European Parliament. The Jewish community is disturbed about the Greek voters’ decision with regard to the anti Semitic party, which encourages the come back of dictatorship.

Moreover, Golden Dawn’s leader and two more members are accused of forming an unlawful group and illicit gun possession. Nevertheless, they dispute all charges.

Every time I open a daily paper, I am invariably seeing proof of anti Semitism. 

This is a concerned possibility, particularly considering we have barely commemorated Yom HaShoah, corresponding with the 70th anniversary of the destruction of Hungarian Jewry, when three quarters of the Hungarian Jewish population were slain by the Nazis from April 1944-5.

It is apparent that in the 70 years that have transpired since one of the darkest epochs in human history, the teachings that were educated have gradually been overlooked.

Take for instance the Far Right Hungarian nationalist party, the Jobbik party. They cite the leader of Hungary from 1920-1944 as their hero, regardless of the reality that he was responsible for backing the Nazis during WWII. The event, which ultimately led to the annihilation of 6,000,000 Jews during the Holocaust.

However, Jobbik is currently blossoming in Hungary, being the third largest organized group, with the deputy parliamentary party leader pronouncing that it is opportune to tally up people of Jewish lineage who exist here, particularly in the Hungarian parliament and the Hungarian government, who, in fact, pose a national safety risk to Hungary.

The extent to which this appears like Nazi publicity is almost horrifying. However, this was spoken in the 21st century, regardless of the disastrous history that rocked Hungary and Hungarian Jews.

Additional instances of anti Semitism have also been discovered across Europe, with France being a striking representative. This has been highlighted by the footballer Nicolas Anelka, who was held responsible for performing the quenelle sign; an inverted Nazi salutation.

The very fact that he thought he could do this sign and get away with it is horrifying. It appears to suggest that anti Semitism is once more becoming more acceptable; that Europe’s oldest aversion is raising its disagreeable head.

Anti Semitism in France has not merely been illustrated through this contemporary illustration, but as well by others: the slaying of three children and a teacher outside a Jewish primary school in Toulouse in March 2012 is another, major radical illustration.

The man held responsible nevertheless, was not of European origin. Instead, he took the form of the arguably new anti-Semitism. His given name is Mohamed Merah and he was inspired by extremist Islam and instructed in Afghanistan. He killed these innocent people simply on account of, he did not like the strategies of the Israeli government. This is a transparent illustration of anti Zionism blurring with anti Semitism.

As pronounced by the Israel Project, more than 1/4 of France’s 500,000 strong Jewish inhabitants want to depart France, with 26% pronouncing that they have thought about emigrating owing to anti Semitism in France. 86% pronounced that Anti Semitism is a weighty problem.

These statistics have sourced significant uneasiness regarding the futurity of European Jewry and these trends are backed up across Europe: 66 percent of European Jews consider anti Semitism to be a problem across the EU member states, even though this figure is much smaller in the United Kingdom, standing at 11%).

There are quite a few reasons as to why this may have taken place, with one of the most notable factors being the dramatic spread of anti Zionism.

The view that anti Israel sentiment is associated with anti Semitism is something that has become a lot more observable in the last decade, and especially in the last five years. It is this anti Semitism that has become the most concern.

Jewish people across the globe need to be condemned for the actions of the Israeli government, a government that diaspora Jews do not cast a vote for. However, they are assaulted and spurred for its activities.

This appears hypocritical, if you are going to criticize Diaspora Jews for the strategies of the Israeli government, then how can one possibly challenge that this is not anti Semitic? For instance, the obviously anti Zionist Hamas party included points from the anti Semitic Elders of Zion in its establishing charter. Anti Semitism and anti Zionism are becoming remarkably obscured.

One more instance of this obscurity is highlighted by the extensively held belief across Europe and in a few portions of the Middle East that Jews are controlling the terrestrial sphere, that the capitalistic system is a way for the Zionists to suppress the ordinary people, a point that was consistently made inside Nazi propaganda.

If we are not cautious this will become a Nazi state, that will condition all it occupants, and they will erect settlements for the masses to live in, with the stack and pack structures for its residents to live in, and I think it will happen in a short time, rather than later.  After that, everyone will be conditioned, they will seize a generation of children, and they will condition them to do what they desire, children will no longer belong to their parents, who have given birth to them, but they will belong to the state.

It will be just like a Pale of Settlement, a terminology that was bestowed in a section of Imperial Russia in which permanent residency by Jews was allowed, nevertheless, this time it will affect everyone.  You will be allowed in certain sections, but not other expanses, that will not be allowed, we will have border lines by a fencing or border. 

You will be excluded from residence at a number of towns inside the Pale, with a limited amount of categories of people who will be allowed to exist outside the Pale. Life will be arduous and poverty stricken.  

I stated that we should be careful that this does not become a fascist state, however, it already is and has been for some time, however, it has been done gradually so that we have not noticed what is in fact going on, particularly with all of our technology, we think that things are good, but they’re not.  Things are getting worse, and it’s been going on for an extremely long time.  The food that we consume, chemicals that they put in our water, our toothpaste, deceptive advertising on the TV that conditions our children, without us even recognizing it.

It’s all about the continuous feel good, politically correct atmosphere that has produced a generation of children with no idea of reality and sets them up for failure in the real world.  

Education, that’s the solution to everything, they state we require more cash for learning, more books, more educators, more classrooms, more schools, we require more testing for the kids, however, they state, “Well, you know we’ve tried all of that, and the kids still can’t pass the test”, and they state, “Well, don’t you worry about all that.  We’re going to reduce the passing grades”.  But there’s a reason for this, there’s a reason education sucks on account of, the owners of this sovereign state don’t want that.  I’m speaking about the actual owners, the prosperous business interests that dominate matters and make all the important decisions.

Forget the governmental leaders, they’re irrelevant, governmental leaders are put there to give you the impression that you have the freedom of choice – You don’t… You do not have free choice, you have owners, they own you.  They’ve got you by the balls, and they consume billions of pounds every year lobbying to get what they desire, well we know what they desire, they desire more for themselves and less for everyone else, but I’ll tell you what they don’t want.  They don’t want a population of citizens capable of analytical thought.  

They don’t want well acquainted, well taught people capable of critical thought, they do not give a shit, that doesn’t help them, thats’s against their interest.




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