Everybody is chatting about Russell Brand these days. Whether it’s his well vocalized character, subject matter or the actuality that he is famed so mankind will quickly listen to him, he’s a sultry subject and some don’t mind contemplating what he is participating. Not long ago, Russell went at it with Jeremy Paxman arguing the necessity for a world rebellion and encouraging humanities to start standing up for one. He brings attention to the fact that politically and systematically our terrestrial sphere is shattered and he considers voting will never mend the situation despite our beliefs behind the conformity of democracy. Some would totally agree with him on that statement. Time and time again, our system has substantiated its absence of effectiveness when it now comes to taking care of the people, formulating pacification and leaving people smiling.

He’s absolutely not the only one talking about this considering the world appears to be in the early frames of an uprising, but I am glad he is talking about it. It is not every day you see somebody with his social standing converse about these matters so candidly. I think that it is an essential step to get some people listening, however, some would consider we need to be meticulous not to glorify anybody. It’s idolizing that makes us overlook we are all equal. After all, it is because of the average joe speaking up for so many years that people like Russell even have a spotlight when they decide to speak out. Therefore keep in mind. Your speech is mighty too. Never be afraid to use it.

A notation on the talk circling the reality that Russell might be a follower of the upper class. Even if he is or he isn’t at this point, he is still participating acquired facts that can bring people to life. Anytime the ruling class thrusts something at mankind, it is up to us to do what we will with it. At times, their schemes don’t always work in their favor as deep down the world is requesting that we wake up. The power elite can perform the role of making matters too apparent which in turn helps us to examine things.

In this following question and answer session with Daniel Pinchbeck on Gaim TV, Russell talks coolly about some very intriguing topics. Watch as Russell touches on the necessity for a spiritual mutiny, reptilian overlords, the illuminati and more.






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