UKIP has been forced to scrap a free postal address after getting parcels containing blood and excretion.

Nigel Farage’s anti EU party, which is currently leading the votes for the European polls later this month, has been engulfed with parcels from antagonistic voters.

The party used a free postal address on a flyer for a campaign in Norwich in 2010 in a tender to drum up support.

However, the address was leaked on the Internet in permitting competitors of Mr Farage and his party to besiege the address with letters and parcels which UKIP would have to compensate for.


A campaign started for people to convey anything weighty to the address such as bricks or bottles of water. Other people sent flyers, leaflets and household waste.


Twitter has been engulfed with photographs of different parcels sent to the UKIP free postal address in an attempt to rack up an immense postal bill for the party.


One member of a constituency sent a large Dostoevsky book using the service intact with Farage’s face bound over the picture of ‘The Idiot’.


Nevertheless over the weekend the UKIPs Bexley branch verified the free post address had been cancelled.

On twitter, the local party posted a memorandum which read: ‘You may be aware that there have been incidents of inappropriate mail items being sent to a UKIP Freepost address.

‘This includes items which are not permitted (such as blood/human faeces) and present a health and safety risk both to you and our Royal Mail colleagues.

You might inquire. What sort of person sends excretions or blood to a political party? I surmise somebody who doesn’t want UKIP to be voted and get into authority. It’s pretty cut and dry actually, there are copious amounts of people out there that don’t want them in, as I am sure there are plenty that do want them to get in.

And those that dont aspire to have them in will do anything whatever to piss off UKIP, and for those that want UKIP to attain as many benches as possible to get in, they will hold out the banners, to support them, they will even go as far as to assault their own people to get them in. And that is something the administration is all about my comrade.

We all end up becoming factory fodder. Still the government is the only animal that consumes without yielding. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak-minded to cultivate the land, he cannot move swiftly enough to seize rabbits. However, he is the ruler of all the animals. He sets them to slave, whilst he hands over to them the bare minimum that will avert them from being undernourished, and the rest he retains for himself.

And come on let’s face it: our animate existence is sickly, arduous, and brief, and the establishment is the only true antagonist we have. Take the establishment from the picture, and the root cause of hunger and exploitation is eradicated permanently.

The answer to all our dilemmas. It is aggregated in a singular word – government.

Regrettably granting money and authority to government is just like giving whiskey and car keys to adolescent boys, and for that logic you should beware the devouring hand of the government. It also appears that over the decades all things the government touches turns to crap.

The governments answer to a problem are normally as bad as the problem, and it is pitiful that the wealthy and powerful too frequently twist the laws of government to their own self-indulgent purposes.


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