Image    Parents with embryos detected to have Down’s syndrome and other handicaps should be coerced into a mandatory termination of pregnancy, according to a UKIP candidate’s personal manifesto.


Geoffrey Clark, who is running in a by-election for the Gravesham rural seat of Kent County Council and the Meopham North seat of Gravesham Borough Council, was marked as disgusting by disability welfare organizations and parents.


He stated that there should be mandatory termination of pregnancy when the embryo is identified as having Downs, Spina Bifida or comparable traits because if the infant is permitted to be delivered, it will render the child an encumbrance on the state as well as on the family.


He as well wants unrestricted euthanasia for the over 80s.

Andrew Diedo, from Dartford, who’s 27 year old son Chris has Down’s syndrome, stated Mr Clark’s representation was maybe born out of fear and ignorance.

Nearly all Down’s syndrome children and adults relish an abundant, joyous and fruitful way of life.

Growing up with this syndrome has and still does have difficulties. Having Down syndrome has its good times and bad times, and they’re usually prejudged by others.

In life, there are numerous hurdles they confront every day, from being harassed, to be made fun of, to have a lot of incapacities that ordinary people just don’t comprehend. I am curious that if Down syndrome could be turned around so those masses who affect adults who have Down syndrome would know what it feels like being different from everybody else.

If a person were to convert from having Down syndrome, which they probably wouldn’t, because I’m sure they are happy with who they are and that makes them unimpaired people and it relates to who they are. They may be different, but everybody is different in their own bizarre way. If they didn’t have this additional chromosome, they wouldn’t be who they are, because Down’s syndrome doesn’t make them different. Their world they live in makes them different.

I am offended and disheartened that Geoffrey Clark thinks that these kids are broken and inactive of putting anything back into our society, and would render the child an onus on society. What is this man bothered about, that perhaps he might catch something noxious off them? I can’t grasp how this man thinks because if this applied to him and his wife was going to give birth to their child, and they had just found out that the embryo had Down’s Syndrome, would he find it so simple to just terminate the gestation, it’s not so simple when it is your own child.

It is shocking that Geoffrey Clarke sees disabled people entirely as a weary load, and it is doubtful if he is suitable for public office.

Somebody with Down’s syndrome can presently live a life like anybody else in the community, and Geoffrey Clark’s manifesto is discouraging and upsetting.

Mr Clark stated to the reporter that they were a burden on the state. The NHS is no longer affordable and some services need to be cut.  He said, I’m tired of politicians saying we should cut managers.

There are lots of things that put a strain on society, would Mr Clark recommend that we discard all of them as well embracing the reality that he stated that anyone over the age of 80 is disproportionately costly on the NHS, and that he desired to sanction euthanasia, and give out free euthanasia guidance to all aging people over the age of 80 years of age.

Just because people become elderly does not indicate that they are an encumbrance on the state, and if this is the case why have the government put the retirement age up, for it appears that as we get older, presently we can work longer because the state considers that we are competent of such a deed, but once we reach 80 years old, then we are passed it.


All people get sick irrelevant of their age, infants get sick, children get sick, grown-ups get sick, no matter what their age is, does that signify that we should use euthanasia on everyone, or would that just be like extermination to make a supremacy, like Hitler had the intention of doing?





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