People living in holdings owned by the Crown are despairingly battling against being removed from their dwellings.

The Crown Estate is proposing the sale of roughly 200 of its 750 country dwellings in the United Kingdom.


Returns from the Crown Estate are paid to the Treasury, which then gives 15% to the Queen, it was announced, as a 12 year old girl in Lincolnshire has formulated a letter to the Queen requesting for help out of despair.

Jasmine Wright, 12, wrote to the Queen, stating: “As you have lived at Buckingham Palace for so long I thought you might understand how we feel.”


Her father, Jason, has set up a petition in opposition to the ousters, declaring: “If I were renting from a normal landlord I would appreciate he’s in it for the money.

“But we are talking about the Crown Estate that has always been the guardian of residential properties and always provided affordable housing.”

“There’s absolutely no compassion for the people. They are not bothered. We are just numbers.”

In his petition, he questions: “Money or people – who comes first?”

A £50,000 German off-roader turned up telling the people the government needs the properties back, and they had been told to make savings. Which now makes the monarchy appear unkind and not thought through, because they are stripping out a whole bed of affordable habitation, playing fast and loose with people’s lives.


When Queen Victoria’s father Edward Duke of Kent had money difficulties, and ran out of funds when Victoria was an infant, they were forced to move into a humble family house to make ends meet. Consequently, if the Royal family is struggling to make ends meet, maybe they should do the selfsame thing for a duration of time, instead of selling their holdings and making people desolate, and on the streets.









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