American tipplers could discover themselves mixing their favored refreshment rather than pouring it, as the powdered intoxicant brand name ‘Palcohol’ is presently and entirely supported by the US government.


The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau this week endorsed seven versions of Palcohol, including Margarita and Cosmopolitan flavours, which will be available in autumn of this year.


The company’s website, which has been altered following endorsement from the TTB, pitched the merchandise as an answer to the ever-escalating price of liquid alcohol.

What could be worse than going to a concert or sporting event etc, and having to pay up to $20 for a mixed beverage with tax and tip, but taking Palcohol into the venue, you can savor a mixed beverage for a portion of the price.

You can as well add Palcohol to your diet by sprinkling Palcohol on very nearly any dish and give it an additional kick. Some of the preferences are the kamikaze in guacamole. Rum on a BBQ sandwich, Cosmo on a salad and Vodka on eggs in the morning to get your day underway.

Why don’t we just experiment a little farther, and start snorting it up our nostrils, because there is nothing like an extra buzz in the morning to set one off to work with.


It will be every parents nightmare, and it will be the next infliction on society because a parent would never even know that it was being added to the food without their awareness. You can just sprinkle it on your breakfast cereal while the unsuspecting parent is not looking. Now pupils will be intoxicated and undisciplined in school, not that they are not already, so this is just adding insult to injury.




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