A dying scientist was judged fit to hold a position by despised Atos assessors in spite of having a severe heart condition and brain tumour.

Robert Barlow, 47, was disrobed of his benefits even though doctors at the time were compelling him to have a heart transplant to lengthen his waning life.

The university graduate gave up his role as a government scientist nine years ago when diagnosed with severe cardiomyopathy, a failure of the heart muscle.

By the end the classically practiced pianist could not walk, and strived to read due to poor vision and frequently fell over, cracking his teeth on one occurrence.

Doctors in the end gave Mr Barlow a year and a half to live and advised a heart transplant as he depleted his concluding months in and out of hospital.

However, Atos declined his mortal infirmities, axed his critical state payments and ordered him back to work.


How on earth did ATOS presume that this man could earn a living, he was not competent of holding down a position because he could not even function sufficiently, and how he in fact had satisfied ATOS into thinking that he was fit enough is another one of interest. This money that he was being deprived of was just so that he had enough sustenance to make his life a little better prior to his demise, no one was requesting ATOS to make him a multimillionaire, it was just to make his life a little more satisfactory, free from hardship and deprivation.

No one would have enjoyed working more than he, but he really couldn’t, and he declined the heart transplant because he had no responsibilities and reasoned it would be better if there was a heart for it to go to somebody else.

Beethoven lover Mr Barlow was given an Atos fitness to work examination in January 2012 and his Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) was terminated three months later. He as well lost the exemption to NHS prescripts, which would have meant that he would have sustained suffering severely because he would have qualified to pain relief on the NHS, which is something that people that are dying rely on so that they do not experience pain.

This man was dying and he accepted that, but he should have been left to enjoy what little time he had left, and not left to suffer like some beast of burden.

Mr Barlow at first disputed the conclusion to terminate his benefits, but the appeal was terminated because, he was too unwell to contend the case. Therefore, Robert had very little money on benefits and nothing at all when his money was terminated.

Robert was a practiced classical pianist, he could cook and he had a lovely sense of humour. He adored cricket and was extremely well-informed about a number of matters.

He enjoyed Beethoven and had a wide accumulation of records, but he got so ill that by the end he couldn’t execute the piano anymore.

He had a bad left eye therefore reading became hard.

This fitness to work testing should be terminated so that other people do not go through the identical ordeal.

Mr Barlow, from Wavertree, Liverpool, died in November after never recovering consciousness following a fall at home, only seven months after his mother passed away.

It’s not enough to change the provider. The whole method has to be discarded. Admittedly there are scroungers out there, we know this to be true, but there are fewer scroungers than there are actually ill people that require help.

The difficulty is that people who earn a living and paying taxes are too hotheaded and too impetuous to adjudicate what they do not know because while these people are doing a day’s work, and healthful and do not have to fret about their physical or mental state, it is extremely indulgent to sit in judgment in the case of those that cannot do a day’s work, and are exceedingly unwell, and would cherish nothing more than to be able to go to work, not just to compensate their taxes, but for their own self respect.

Robert was somebody who lost his life at a time when his ESA was discontinued because he was too unwell to contest the judgment and passed away while he had no access to benefits.


Nevertheless, according to the Department for Work and Pensions who stated that they conformed with the appropriate course of action in the processing of this man’s benefit claim. Which is totally ludicrous, unless they considered that this man was going to make an extraordinary recuperation, or was it simply because he declined to have a heart transplant, and they thought that he had brought this upon himself, so why should they pay him any money.


They as well stated that people have the right to appeal a judgment, but if the appeal is revoked that they cannot continue with processing the claim, but in fact this man should not have had to appeal in the first place because what part of I’m dying did they not understand? You would have to be a total mentally retarded person to not comprehend the concept of death…














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