A parent has been locked up for child neglectfulness following her 4 year old son was found sick, and shocking squalor in a home stuffed with 20 ferrets running loose and 14 dogs.

The youngster was taken to the high dependency unit at a Lancashire hospital, where he was only capable of taking food through a gastric tube.

He’d been living in entire uncleanness, a court heard, with litter, rotten food and animal excretions on the floor. There were as well two deceased birds in cages.

A policeman chanced upon the youngster who cannot be named for legal reasons at the dwelling in east Lancashire, when he called upon to look into a lost dog.

The boy’s 21 year old parent was sentenced to two years in prison at Preston Crown Court, Lancashire, for neglecting her offspring.

PC Lloyd Jones who discovered the youngster stated that the conditions he faced were the worst he had ever seen in his life.


PC Jones discovered the boy on a mattress.

He was so unwell he required a feeding tube in his stomach and had a severe bacterial infection in an open wound on his body.

Negligence was over an epoch of two months and looks to have started when the mother traveled from one dwelling to another.

Now the boy is only capable of taking food through a gastric tube.

The parent lived alone with him and an extremely extensive amount of animals, but when the police officers convened at the house about a missing dog, they came across a display of complete squalor. The home was squalid with waste, foodstuffs and animal wastes all over.

The photos are repulsive, and one can only wonder how a person can let a home get into that state.

An accomplished police officer characterized the conditions as the worst he had ever seen in his life.

Evidently the mother had been suffering from depression, and the situation in which she found herself was increasing and worsening as time went on and of course, in addition as well had a child who demanded more supervision than maybe some other children may have done.

The mother admits that she declined to care for her son in the way she ought to have done, and she has presented actual self-reproach and she has picked herself up by the bootstraps and has made attempts to move forward. She is also well informed that she might be given a custodial sentence and has written a letter to her son to be read to him if this is the case.

There will be no reoccur of this conduct, but that does not indicate she is not a young woman who plainly demands assistance and to analyze what went wrong during the last part of last year.

But Judge Russell explained to the accused, who had pleaded guilty to a charge of child neglect at an earlier hearing: ‘Although it has been argued that there was a lack of support available to you, I do not accept that argument because you had previously had support and knew it was available.

‘I do accept that you have had a difficult history. I also accept that you now acknowledge that your care was inadequate.

‘Such mitigation cannot extinguish the fact that this was very serious neglect. ’

Cases like this which entangle the ill-treatment of young kids are at all times exceedingly hard to deal with, but the sentence was welcomed, as this was an especially shocking incident of child negligence involving a defenseless 4 year old boy who was living in absolutely revolting conditions, and the home was in a totally unlivable state for anyone at all, let alone a tiny child, and thankfully he is presently being looked after properly.







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