His UKIP co-workers have expressed his feebleness for a bit of crumpet. However, Nigel Farage has characterized this as utter balderdash, as a declaration was made by an associate MEP that his former courtesan is on his taxpayer funded pay list.

Nikki Sinclaire, a former UKIP MEP who is at this time self-governing, used an argumentation at the EU assemblage, where constituents are shielded from libel suits, to assert that Mr Farage had a liaison with his press officer Annabelle Fuller.


She inquired: “With unemployment still a problem across Europe and indeed the UK, does Mr Farage think it is a fair use of taxpayers’ money, namely his secretarial allowance, not only to employ his wife Kirsten but his former mistress Annabelle Fuller?”

Mr Farage, 49, refused to answer during the sitting, but later communicated to The Telegraph he had at no time had a liaison with Miss Fuller and stated the declarations were beneath contempt.

He stated: “This is a cowardly and malicious act, perpetrated by somebody who is on bail for fraud and who has used parliamentary privilege to make accusations in public, they have made consistently since 2006 in private.

“I have spoken to every national newspaper on this issue and the answer today remains the same as it was in 2006. The answer is no.”

MEPs are permitted under a European Parliament jurisdiction, uniquely used by British MEPs, to employ family members.

Mr Farage’s German born second wife Kirsten Mehr is hired by him at a wage of up to £20,000 a year using EU parliamentary assistant allowances that are worth nearly £220,000.

Annabelle Fuller is as well paid out of the allowance as local assistant holding a position in the UKIP press office in London.


Earlier this week Mr Farage’s former flatmate Godfrey Bloom MEP, who had the UKIP party whip revoked after he allude to women as sluts, stated: “We all have our foibles and our weaknesses – mine is real ale, I’ve never been partial to crumpet – Nigel’s is women. It’s not something he ever denied. ”


Miss Fuller, 31, made headlines in 2011 when the Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen was apprehended over an accusation that he sexually violated her on the balcony of his Westminster flat.


The suit against Mr Bridgen was speedily dropped, and he vowed to take legal action over the ludicrous accusations.

Miss Fuller abandoned her prerogative of anonymity to protect herself, stating her life had been destroyed by the occurrence and that she at no time wanted the incident to go ahead, insisting a security guard had phoned 999.

Miss Fuller, 31, took leave her UKIP role in 2008, stating she had been the victim of a two year slander attacks during which she received threatening telephone calls describing her a whore. She came back to the party last year.

She stated she had been hounded by untrue accusations for eight years, saying further: “It’s a shame that as a woman I am considered fair game for accusations of alleged affairs.

“It’s hard enough being a woman in politics without having to justify why I am employed. It is safe to say that this would not have happened if I was a man. Surely this is something that Nikki Sinclaire should have considered.”

Mrs Farage stated at the family home in Westerham. Kent: “Nigel’s just on his way back from Strasbourg and we will be discussing it tonight, I’m sure. I don’t want to comment today.”

Miss Sinclaire was apprehended in February 2012 by West Midlands Police on the surmise of swindling European parliamentary allowances and expenditures. She disputes the accusations.


She was cast out from UKIP in January 2010 after blaming Mr Farage of sitting with racialist and zealot parties in his Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) grouping in the European Parliament.






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