A mentally sick woman was coerced into the Coalition’s Work Programme, and is presently in a coma, but is still being sent letters by benefits assessors.


Bipolar sufferer Sheila Holt, 47, was sectioned in December following being taken off Income Support.  Days following being taken off Income Support she had a heart attack and sank into a coma.


This weekend, Miss Holt, of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, was forwarded a letter by Atos to inquire why she was not holding down a position.


I know that a few people are in support of welfare reformation, but attempting to bulldoze through reformations in a thoughtless and uncaring way is not the right way to go about it.

This government is provoking a tremendous amount of harm, and I have no qualms that Sheila’s story is being played over up an down the country.

This lady has a complicated impediment provoked by a severe ordeal in her youth, and you cannot aggressively push defenseless people, similar to Sheila back into employment because it can have, as we’ve observed, exceedingly severe health consequences, and it’s just not appropriate what they’ve done.

Miss Holt had not had a position in employment for 26 years, and anybody who knew her would tell you she couldn’t do a job.

Regrettably, some illness not in any way get better, they either stay the same or get worse, and there are a few situations that can trigger their poor health or disability to become exceedingly harmful, and anyone with a measure of intellect would recognize that it’s grossly criminal to structure something for somebody that has no structure in their lives anymore.

If a person hasn’t earned a living for 26 years because of ill health, and that signifies any class of ill health, then the well-being of that person should come first and foremost, because they clearly wouldn’t have the disposition to deal with this sort of disturbance in their lives.

Situations at times become a way of life, and if there is a longing to alter that because it might be that we want to, or we are requested, then plainly this has to be done over a period of time, particularly if that person is physically challenged, mentally unwell or just of ailing health.

A person’s well-being is in danger if a person senses that they have lost their security net, and in jeopardizing that, one must comprehend that a person could not preserve his/her physical or mental state because there really would be no help for them. Not only that, it as well undermines them and wears down their self-esteem, until in the end it kills them.

This is this not just unlawful homicide, because with all the confusion in their lives that the Department for Work and Pensions are putting them through, which can be extremely unpleasant for a people, particularly somebody with mental health concerns, the Governments proposals have no place for sentimentality because they do not class us as Human Beings, but merely factory fodder, the manure of society, which is associated with scrounging and a scourge on society.


There are structures inside the Government, and the ruling classes that are solely there to repress their herds because we are solely thought of as an asset and nothing exceeding that, and once we are no longer of usefulness to them, they forsake us because we decline to be of any use to them.

We become simply what the lavatory is used for, and consequently it’s apparent that we must resolve and barter our position in the human chain because we are unquestionably without any significance to anyone once we no longer have the capability to do a day’s work, but we are all equal, even though it appears some are more equal than others.

Sheila Holt is in a coma, but she’s still required to work, even when in a coma. Does this indicate that everyone is required to do a day’s work even when they are in stasis? Does that signify that we must work as a drone in a collective?

You must comply, resistance is futile, even when in a coma…


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