Health Minister Jeremy Hunt is attempting to swiftly transform the law to make it much simpler and quicker to shut local hospitals and Accident and Emergency departments without any fitting discussion with the local people. This comes off the back of his being defeated in two court cases after attempting to illegally close down Lewisham Hospital.


Clause 118 has been attached on to the care bill, which will alter the law that was put to use to prevent Jeremy Hunt. The all-embracing new powers given by Clause 118 mean decisions about local hospital provision could be taken in as little as 40 days, despite of how well hospitals are doing.


If this becomes statute law, then it means that every hospital could be under intimidation of closing.

The bill commenced in the House of Lords and will have its concluding vote in the House of Commons in early March. This could be the final opportunity that MPs have to cast a vote on the proposal, so it indeed is crisis time.

Cast the word – the increasing numbers that we can have to turn this into a huge nationwide issue, the more opportunity we have of urging the government to give up on this despised hospital closure clause.


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