Iain Duncan Smith fronts a grilling from Members of Parliament over his bungled Universal Credit programme.  The marshalled Work and Pensions Secretary will be questioned about the misuse of more than £130 million on his welfare shake-up.

He will be requested to account for the spiralling expense of the project, which had been expected this year but has been hampered for at the minimum two years surrounded by disorder over its recently developed computer system.

His Work and Pension Committee confrontation comes as a Tory insider maintains Chancellor George Osborne and Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude have lost their trust in Iain Duncan Smith.

Iain Duncan Smith is hopeless.  George Osbourne and Frances Maude have lost any faith in his capability to administer Universal Credit without a hitch.  It’s not on time or on schedule, and the whole thing is a catastrophe.



Iain Duncan Smith urged he was bent on trudging on with the vital improvements, which will amalgamate six benefits and tax credit.

Nevertheless it has high pointed how the disorderly introduction has seen £40 million written off in assets that will never be utilised and £91 million spent on assets that will only be functional for five years.



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