The police have released CCTV footage presenting a barbarous and unprovoked pepper spray attack on a man travelling a bus in Birmingham.  In the video,  a man and woman can be watched setting upon their 21 year old male casualty over an interval of seven minutes, leaving him briefly visionless and with a severely broken nose.


Officers said they think the assault started following when the casualty politely asked the couple to intervene when two children, with who they were travelling, began hurling sweets at him.  The occurrence took place on the top deck of the No 24 bus along Birmingham’s Board Street prior to 6pm on 11 January.


Police have released the CCTV pictures now in the hopefulness that anybody who might know the man and woman involved will come forward. 


The man was just minding his own affairs when he politely asked the crowd to stop tossing sweets at him, but that plea induced a savage, and extended assault.  The injured party had something like pepper spray sprayed in his face which made him powerless as the blows rained down on him.


At one point,  the assailant stood on a seat to get a better booting slant, whilst the woman he was with as well from time to time teamed up in the attack.  The casualty was fortunate to get off with merely a broken nose as it could have been much more unpleasant.  


What makes this more appalling is that they let loose this assault in front of two children they were travelling with and, then we wonder why young children end up being a double take of their peers, clearly because they only follow by example.


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