An unheard of court strike was carried out by thousands of Legal Beagles against Tory proposals to cut legal aid and punish the poorest to exploitation.

More than 200 barristers in black gowns and wigs demonstrated outside London’s Old Bailey as part of their first ever national industrial action.  Major strikes were as well platformed in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle, Winchester, Bristol and Cardiff before lawyers went back to their cases at 2pm.


The Criminal Bar Association announced that their industrial action had been backed by nearly every chamber across England and Wales.  It came in answer to Tory Justice Secretary Chris Grayling’s intentions to cut £220 million from the legal aid budget by 2018/19.


The effects of the industrial action were unheard of and extremely unified and, optimistically this will make the government think twice about slashing both criminal and civil legal aid.


Lawyers are extremely unwilling to take industrial action because they perceive a duty to their clients and,  Mr Grayling’s wishes to take money for civil and legal aid cases like child custody cases and slash funding for criminal legal aid by up to 30 percent.


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