An advert for a profession as a call girl has materialised on a Government website.  The incompetent Department of Works and Pensions permitted the ‘no experience necessary’ proposal for a single girl prepared to work as a prostitute to be displayed on the Direct Gov.

The ad, offering £10 an hour, put up by a bureau named Horny Escorts on a board favoured with the unemployed, proffers employment on a flexitime basis with the sole eligibility required and listed as ‘must like sex’.



The description indicated: ‘Female worker wanted to go out with guys maybe for evening or have full on sex’.

In grammatically incorrect English,  it carries on: ’This would be better if you was single and able to work at your own pace’.

‘Looks and race unimportant.  You will need a mobile phone.  No experience necessary’.

The advert was affixed on the Universal Jobmatch section of the Direct Gov site by the manager of the agency.



It only has one man and woman employed for the company, but brags of having ‘the most gorgeous and sophisticated women and men in the UK’.

The boss declared: ‘I put the advert up there because it’s a job site and it’s a job.  I was a bit shocked they allowed it.

‘I also do deliveries, and I had posted an ad for a same day delivery service, and then I just put the escorting one underneath it.

’The advert declares ‘must like sex’ because if a man pays for it obviously he’s going to want that.  I thought the Department of Works and Pensions would admin it.

‘I didn’t know it would go straight online’.

He said he decided to publicise following work slowing down, saying ‘It’s not been that good’.

A DWP spokesperson confessed the mistake but declined to voice if ads were read prior to going live.



He said: ’The post was inappropriate and was taken down the next day.

‘When advertising jobs, employers had to agree to terms and conditions.  Where an inappropriate job is identified it is quickly removed’.

The manager of the business is right; it is an employment site, and it is an occupation, but on the other hand, you wouldn’t put on an employment site, looking for a burglar to do a robbery, rewarded by £10 an hour, skills not obligatory.

You could contend the facts, but the conditions of compensation would have to be worked out so it did not become damaging to anyone.  Can you visualise doing a housebreaking that was profitable to anyone?

Maybe we should give call girls and escort girls a registration number and open up medical centres to make sure that they didn’t give their customers any high-risk maladies in the interest of health and safety.


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