Danny Dyer has grown into a somewhat of a turnaround since landing himself a role in the Eastenders soap opera; he’s currently sort of pleasant and appealing, which is an excellent adjustment from offering people menacing and derogatory guidance on how to get over their exes.

When Danny’s character Mick materialised on TV and, his son, Johnny Carter, acted out by Sam Strike came out to him, nearly all watchers were like ‘Cool’, but a select number of people were extremely perplexed by the notion of a homosexual man being recognised by his father.



This exclusive number of people settled on directing their anger at Danny Dyer’s Twitter account.  Nevertheless Danny Dyer had just one thing to express to them all.



I couldn’t have said it much more wisely myself, but then who wants to argue with a homophobic prick who plainly has no gonads themselves.  People like this obviously are trash and, a complete splurge of time.

No one has the entitlement to criticise another person because we’re all entitled to affection from another person, whether homosexual, gay woman, black or white, it makes entirely no difference, we are all human beings that long for affection from another person, immaterial of their sexual orientation or colour.

Sadly, people have a proneness to be opposed to behaviour in people and if it’s something they don’t choose or disagree with they will attempt to delete it in approval of something more pleasant.

So thumbs up for Danny Dyer for having the balls to give voice to something out loud and mean it…


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