Austerity is being abused to drive through budget cuts and revamping of the old system, which is denying children their fundamental human rights, according to a significant new report, supported by more than 60 organisations and experts.

The State of Children’s Rights in England report blames the government of utilising economic weight to give grounds for, not only a grave abrasion of children’s economic and social rights, such as health, food and the right to play, but as well significant modifications to our justice system.

Welfare changes motivated by austerity, amalgamated with looming prices and inferior salaries, have ended in children suffering acute poverty.  Hundreds of thousands more children are living in impoverishment compared to years ago, the total figure is forecast to extend to three million by 2015.

In terms of education, astounding inconsistencies continue to exist and, when it comes to health, poverty-stricken children are now four times more likely to be unhealthy than wealthy children.  Children are failing to be given significant state help because of cutbacks to services.

Considerable cutbacks to legal aid and limitations over judicial inspection really threaten’s children’s power to questions rights violations, the state does no longer keep safe children by safeguarding their well-being and best interests.


When we look at all of the issues which have an effect on children in the United Kingdom today, we can see that too many are still suffering from mistreatment, destitution and unfairness and, it’s a well-focused indictment of a country that deems itself to be modern and progressive that we can’t presume that children will be protected and flourish in today’s society.

Children’s entitlements must not be surrendered in the name of government belt-tightening and, cutbacks to legal aid will deny children a legitimate voice to stop them from getting the legalised help they are qualified.

Britain is signed up to the UN Convention on Rights of the Child and, was given a catalog of 118 areas which required action after a visit by UN officials five years ago, so far there has been no developments, or matters have got more inferior and, in most regions requiring betterment 88 out of the 118.


The well-being of children should be at the centre of this government’s broad expanse of improvements.  Organisations are failing children and, should publicly be held to account and, the government should be spending out on helping the most deprived pupils achieve at school.


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