Non-profit organisations and department statistics have called for MPs to remove the impractical and unjust bedroom tax, as Parliament votes on throwing out the policy today.

The Labour Party is utilising an opposition day debate in the House of Commons to force through a vote on the under-occupation sanction.


Nevertheless, some of Labour’s most substantial names failed to turn up to vote last night in opposition to the hated bedroom tax.  Chuka, Bryant, Douglas Alexander, Margaret Hodge and, surprisingly Ed Balls was non attending, making them powerless to ever speak convincingly on the matter ever again.


Obviously it was all an empty gimmick and, why even bother putting on an act anymore.  And as far as David Cameron is interested, he could feign to care, but in fact, why trouble one’s self?  He’s worth a vast sum of money and, that’s all that’s important.


Anyone with half intelligence will be aware that David Cameron is from a talentless group of people who neither knows, nor worries, what it’s like to be a genuinely diligent person, attempting to make do without being born into affluence and privilege.

Anyone who votes for him in the next election is either on the take like him or his cabinet, brain dead, or one of the City Bankers who jerks his chain.

So, it’s no good detailing the negativity and, telling what they think are the subordinate classes that they are compelled to pull tight their belts, because its a futile task.

Will this have an effect on the next election?  Absolutely not, because neither David Cameron nor Labour genuinely give a fuck, they just take it in turns to piss people off.

There  is a large amount of people who have said there is no point in voting, but do the government in fact care about how they are regarded at all?  Of course not, because there are still sufficient fools in the United Kingdom who will give them something so that they can make believe that there is an electoral mandate.

The government think that the people of the United Kingdom are unintelligent and naive, but it keeps people like David Cameron in an extremely good position, especially financially.


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