Two thirds of impoverished children are at the moment from families where an adult is in employment and, a great deal of low middle income children face being worse off than their parents because of decreased earnings and soaring prices.

Maybe more affluent pensioners’ benefits should be given the chop and, minimum pay increased, but it’s proposed that some benefits are currently protected from cuts, such as unencumbered TV licences and winter fuel allowances for pensioners and, they could therefore be means tested in order to split the responsibility of austerity more evenhandedly.


But a spokesman for David Cameron said: “The prime minister believes it is right to make commitments to pensioners in relationship to state provision.”

The aim to end child poverty by 2020 would in all probability be missed by a sizeable gap, leaving as many as two million children in poverty.


Poverty is determined as having a family salary that is less than 60% of the national average income.


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