Political correctness is the avoidance of any kind of indication or action that might be regarded as abusive with regard to people who are socially deprived or differentiated  against – A variety of bullying per se.

Nevertheless, has it all gone mad, because the Home Office Minister John Denham has been condemned by the police for applying the expression ‘nitty gritty’ and, has been criticised because of race relation rules.

Each word has a diversity of individual definitions and, just because one word is made use of, it doesn’t as a result mean it’s being utilised in the frame of reference that the police are surmising it’s being used, or should we just alter the entire Oxford dictionary to how John Denham see’s fit, so that he can then persecute people, when they should in fact be getting down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of their responsibilities and, allowing the police to pursue real criminals – whoops, was I being politically incorrect?

At present police officers can face disciplinary charges for saying ‘nitty gritty’ because it dates from the slavery epoch.


Some rank and file officers have said that the regulations about vocabulary has become a minefield and, has made them reticent in doing their jobs.

How far will these absurd rules carry on until they’re so comical that they’re laughable.

Some of these rules are ridiculous and, how oddball do Britons have to become before we’re categorised as crackpots?

This political correctness has gone too far.  It’s sheer silliness and, so far I’ve not read anywhere that the word ‘nitty gritty’ is of slave origin and, if it does, so what.

It’s fascinating to note that it’s normally not minorities who amplify this matter of political correctness, but politicians who want to take advantage of the situation.

People should be encouraged to freely participate in conversations of matters or subjects that others in government may deem politically incorrect.

We’re meant to be living in a democratic society, a free world that others in government are envious of because in government you have to be politically correct because you’re always on display, but that’s the profession they entered into of their own free will.

The same as a Nun will enter the house of God so that she may be married to God, which means she may never have sex with a man, that doesn’t mean that she may not be envious of those who are free to do so.


A soldier will enter the Military to do battle for his country, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a little resentful of the person who doesn’t fight for his country, while the soldier fights in horrific circumstances.


We identify bullying as the most disagreeable kind of physical abuse by someone who wants to exercise control of some sort over someone else, yet the government are doing it to us daily and, we appear to find that justifiable.

Political correctness is the most insidious form of bullying where the bullies assault the mindset and reasoning of another for their own fulfilment.

We should acknowledge the politically correct brigade as nothing but bullies in another mold, attempting to contort the minds of others to indulge their own inadequacies.

You cannot be politically correct in a war.

Rupert Everett


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