Fears of a sharp increase in deaths brought about by rising energy bills has induced the Government to unveil a £900,000 plan to battle fuel poverty.

The percentage of overabundant winter deaths is too high and, the Government is determining the vulnerable households and, those people aged above 75 or children less than five, or those where somebody is afflicted with a long term illness or disability.

We should not be opposed to this sort of action, but we should as well put into perspective the reality that the government has removed money from people’s benefits, particularly those with long term illness or disability, stating that they’re scroungers and, then acknowledging that there is an increase in deaths in these groups.

If the government had not reduced their money in the first place, even though fuel bills have gone up, they would in all likelihood still have been capable of paying their bills – So, the government take with one hand and, then give back with the other to make themselves look like they’re assisting and helping the elderly, the disabled and long-term sick, when really they removed it from them in the first place.

Apparently, households will be given special assistance to lessen energy prices.  Were they not special enough in the first place, obviously not, or else the government wouldn’t have felt the necessity to leave them penniless and, on the poverty line and, powerless to pay their bills and, as well, lose their homes.

I was, in addition, mortified to then find out that the £900,000 was not to give back to people, but to in fact use for nonprofit organisations such as Age UK and National Energy Action for volunteers to give guidance and support sessions to vulnerable people and, to help them change to more energy efficient offers and tariffs, as a more sustainable way of tackling fuel poverty because apparently, the elderly, the long term sick and disabled are utilising too much energy and, they should improve the way that they use domestic energy and, use it efficiently.

It’s in fact a joke; I’m sure of it, because we as human beings are being treated like children because the government are paying action groups to educate us on how to utilise our energy, because of course, we’re far too foolish to be able to do it on our own.

Apparently it’s impractical to talk about an inexhaustible financial plan because it seems the most sustainable way of coming to grips with fuel poverty is to improve domestic energy productivity.  Well, except for turning all our lights off, doing no washing and cooking and, leaving us in the dark, what else is there left?

The central drawback is not consumers using too much domestic energy, it’s the rising fuel bills, which has been kindled by an eight per cent price increase that has been made public by “Big Six” energy giant SSE on Thursday.

It’s fearful that there will be an increase in winter deaths this year, unless extreme measures are taken.  More people are getting into debt and, energy costs are far surpassing wages and, people are striving hard to get by, but finding it near on impossible.

It’s anticipated that 24,000 older people may not survive a cold winter, that’s equal to 200 deaths a day and, it’s calculated roughly that 1.7 million older people can’t pay to heat their homes adequately.

It’s as well calculated that cold homes cost the NHS in England more than £1.36 billion every year in health problems, comprising heart attacks, strokes and breathing difficulties.  Fuel poverty levels are at national degradation, with the old among the worst affected.

Image Image

Energy bills are already an enormous worry for a great deal of pensioners who will be anxious about another round of price increases and, many thousands of older people will face an everyday fight to stay warm during the winter months, endangering their health by keeping the heating low to evade a bill that they can’t pay for.


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