I’ve got one news item for you today and, it’s about George Osborne, a multimillionaire who’s got his trust fund set up overseas in a tax haven.

He’s the Chancellor of the Exchequer; he puts doughnuts on his on winkle and, he gets them to eat them off, what sort of man is that?

This man said: ‘We have agreed seven departments CUTS.”

They’re cutting the elderly, the young, the disabled, in the end they’ll be making people destitute, they’ll be carrying people out onto the streets, where they’ll call for the police to go and thieve the homeless food and, their blankets.

Yet you see the MP’s aren’t getting cut, the MPs want a pay increase, they want thousands and thousands of pounds more.

They’ve got cash for Plasma TVs, for curtains, for £39 breakfasts, yet they want to cut the vulnerable.    They don’t want to cut the Royals, the Queen is getting a £6 million pay increase, how is that right?

As stated by Forbes magazine, Queen Elizabeth has a personal net worth of approximately 500 million dollars.

Although, if her personal assets were to incorporate possessions that she technically is the owner of, incorporating all of England, India and, Canada including others, as well as the Crown Estates, which comprise Buckingham Palace, the Royal Art collection and, additional belongings, her net worth would be in the trillions, but yet they still seem to want more.


The Queen requested ministers for money to heat Buckingham Palace from a kitty set to one side for low income families, it’s been divulged.

Royal assistants begged for the money as they asserted that gas and electricity bills had gone up by an extra 50 per cent in a year, adding up to more than £1 million.

The cash would have come from the £60 million energy savings grant set to one side for cash strapped families, housing associations and hospitals.

Nevertheless, ministers turned down the 2004 request made by the Royal Household, fearing a public relations catastrophe.

Nonetheless, if they thought they could have gotten away with it, do you believe they would have given the Royal Household the cash?

You’ve got the bedroom tax and, The Queen has got 775 rooms in Buckingham Palace, these incorporate 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, who sleeps in all of these rooms, the undetectable ghost?


Then you have the bankers, George Osborne isn’t saying anything about cutting the bankers money, he’s been giving bankers millions and, their rubbings their hands together.

One more Pony for my daughter, another Bentley for my son, holidays and skiing trips.  There’s no banking reform, but theres Welfare reform, you do that mathematics in your head and, ask yourself the questions, why is that?

Why is George Osborne giving tax cuts to the wealthy, why is he feeding bankers pound notes, so they can go and gamble it up in the City?

Why are they hitting the most vulnerable, the disabled, the sick and, then you’ve got Iain Duncan Smith, can you visualise a man that you’re going to for assistance, for compassion, your suffering, your elderly, your having a heart attack, you’ve got Cancer, your vulnerable.


We have to go to that nut case and, he’s employing ATOS because you see this government, the money isn’t going to us because they’re spending more.


Why – Government contracts and, they want private courts to save money, they’re building infrastructure for the German National Railway to financially gain from us.

These people who sit at their troughs are moving money into private pockets, all the time squeezing people, extracting the life out of them.


Then there’s the case of a poor woman who had a double heart and lung transplant and, she’s dead, nine days after ATOS found her fit to work and, her money was stopped, you can’t make those events up.

In addition, these people at the troughs, they can’t stop, they’re part of the war mechanism, they want to go around murdering people, they’ve just opened up a new line in Syria, let’s move a cargo of weapons there.

George Osborne, how is it feasible that we permit these parasites among us and, what do they say after they’ve shot 25 demonstrators, where they’re making anybody who wants to protest an extremist and, then they can just gun them down so that it’s better for the entire nation.

They use these derisory bigotry methods, aiming at the poor against the poor, black against white, muslim against christian, the government love it, it’s one huge shit storm, it’s a super storm!

There has never been such an insidious government, they’re privatising the NHS, can you visualise that?  They’ve got predators standing at the doors of Accident and Emergency.


Cherie Blaire and Richard Branson with fangs and blood coming out their mouths, just dripping and seeping with blood, with talons, scrapping at sick people, what is this eternal damnation that’s going on?

Image Image

As George Osborne attacks the most vulnerable people, the rich walk away with goody bags.  The wealthier get wealthier and, the poor get deprived even more and, are given no consideration.

There’s no freedom for the poor as the government Lord over us and, we shadow them like sheep and, the government can gloss over it as much as they want but in the end the rug will get swept from under them and that cape of deception that covered them, will no longer be there to hide all their lies.


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