It doesn’t matter how much Ed Miliband’s lips tremble, his dad was; as indicated, a far wing highbrow, whose gratefulness to a nation that took him in, extended merely to hoping it might be pulled apart, root by root.

The fact that Ralph Miliband was a suburban North London émigré, does not change the reality that he was, like so many scholars, allured by the political and economic theories of Karl Marx.


Our universities are effectively the only locations in the educated society where this preposterous and discredited belief goes on to flourish; much of it today being utter attitudinising rubbish.

We shouldn’t hold Ralph Miliband responsible for groaning about how nationalistic the British were when he initially arrived, they in all likelihood were and, it’s true that while he was a Marxist, he withstood the warning call of the repulsive Commie Party of Great Britain, which was to his credence and, I’m sure he was as well a delightful father and, held dinner parties every bit as pleasant as those now presented by his son.

Ralph Miliband was born in Belgium and, made his home in England to get away from the Nazi Holocaust.  He has been best recognised as one of the intellectual Marxists of his time.

He learnt to speak English and, enrolled at the London School of Economics, where he became absorbed in the left wing political views and, became dedicated to the belief of social democracy.

By the 1960s, he was a well-known constituent of the New Left political organisation in Britain, which was condemning of the well-known Stalinist governments in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc.

Growing up in Brussels, he became a member of the Hashomer Hatzair (Young Guard) at the age of 15, a left-wing Zionist youth organisation.


Following the eruption of WWII, the Miliband family, being Jewish, decided to escape the country from the anti Semitic Nazi power.


To Ralph Miliband’s shock, he came across prejudice in London and, he established that the Englishman was a fanatical nationalist.

He promised to be loyal to the Workers’ cause, while benefiting from living in England, which offered him a home and security.  Ralph Miliband despised the Royal Family, the Church of England and, the Army and, wanted a workers’ rebellion.

He in all probability disliked the Royal Family for the faux doctoral establishment it has always been and, the Church, as he was a doubting Thomas.


And, not the Army workforce, but more precisely the military armament network that sucks the prosperity out of all but a few.

For those of a particular age, Ed Miliband’s talk last week was exhilaratingly wistful.  His promise to freeze energy costs made people think of happier times when Labour strategies were patently and, shamelessly ridiculous.

Following a generation of loss, we start to hope to discover reds under the bed once again.  In its comprehensible delight, a daily paper made the error of pinpointing only a dead red, Mr Miliband’s late father, Ralph Miliband.

It in addition magnified its mistake by saying that the older Miliband hated Britain, on the foundation of some irate comments he uttered when he was 17.

The tabloid newspaper managed to offend against taste and propriety on numerous matters and, criticised a man for his dead father’s opinions, giving false accounts of those points of view and, as well condemned a Jew.

The daily newspaper debased the constitutional process with its criticism on Ralph Miliband.   There was no rationale for the headline on the Miliband article which said he hated Britain.


This is carrying political science to an area that is plainly degrading and, it’s not warranted and, totally out of reference.  The man fought for his country and, we now live in a completely changed life to the mismatch connecting communism and fascism.

It’s brutal and ridiculous to blame a man for his viewpoint that was shaped in his youth, where he was misled, but not unpatriotic and, if that’s the situation, does that convey that all people in this day and age, if they seem as if they’re being unpatriotic that they should all be chastised as being Marxist?

Ed Miliband’s decision to protect his father is what any child would do and, it’s predictable that a child in any path of life, not just one that’s engaged in politics would come to the defence of their parent.

It’s what you’d expect a child to do and, that’s plainly what’s taking place here and, we should grasp and respect that.  No one is in a position to form an opinion and, Ed Miliband will have been familiar with his father far better than any of us could have conceivably have done.

When you have ancestors that don’t come from this country, people do feel extremely fragile, especially if the patriotism of those relations is called into question.

It can be an extremely upsetting thing and, I would certainly want to launch an attack back if it was me.

I can’t see why Ed Miliband should be harassed for preserving his fathers name, after all Ralph Miliband is no longer alive and, can’t defend his good name, so why shouldn’t his son do it for him?

If someone was finding fault with my father’s name, someone that I embraced in high admiration, I would hold that human being contemptible and, reject their allegations because no one should discredit another person, particularly one that is no longer alive and can’t defend themselves and, those that do disparage a dead person is a coward.


But what do I know, I’m merely a Jew!


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