People who’ve carried out Benefit fraud in England and Wales could face lengthy jail terms of up to 10 years, following recently developed advice from the director of public prosecutions.

Its time for a strict attitude, considering the £1.9 billion annual cost of the lawbreaking to the country and, prosecutors are to think about charging under the Fraud Act, rather than Social Security Laws because of the scope of longer sentences.

The Prime minister’s spokesperson said he welcomed the move.


Adaptations signify welfare cheaters would be graded alongside offences such as money laundering and banking embezzlement.

In the past, benefit cheats were often charged under social security law, carrying a maximum prison term of seven years and, benefit cheats of less than £20,000 were automatically tried in magistrates court, which could only pass judgement for up to 12 months in prison for numerous illegal acts, but for a single violation, the maximum was six months.


This monetary doorway has been thrown out under the recently developed recommendations, so smaller judicial proceedings can be passed straight to crown courts for stricter sentencing.

Suspected persons can as well be charged under the Fraud Act, which carries the higher prison term of 10 years; as claimed by the Crown Prosecution Service.

We comprehend that Benefit Fraud is extremely serious, but there’s not enough space in prisons as it is.  They’re overflowing and, while it’s agreed-upon that cheating the system should be illegal, where are all the prisons going to obtain the capacity for all these people that are carrying out the offences that the government state they are, or is it that ,in fact, there are not as many people doing the crime and, that the governments data is wrong, whether it be by error or intentionally.

Not only that, it would end up costing the government extra money to house a defrauding criminal, than it would to make them pay back the money they took in the first place, bearing in mind, they would have to feed them, clothes them and, make sure they stayed in good health.  So, not only do we not have room in prisons, but the government don’t have the money to house them either.


One thought on “Benefit Fraud – 10 Years In Jail

  1. Obviously benefit fraud is a serious crime but the level on which the government is pursuing and vilifying everyone claiming benefits is quite ridiculous due to the comparatively small sums being defrauded by individuals.


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