Nick Clegg claimed that would he push to make sure no one on the lowest level of wages pays income tax if the Lib Dems are in government after the next election.


The thing that irritates me; is this, before an election all parties are doing battle and fighting their little hearts out; so that they can get control once more and, that’s what it’s all about.

Occasionally, you might get just one party who are up front about their idea’s and, will share them with the people and, they do what they said they would do, instead of doing it because they want to get the larger part of the votes to get voted in by influencing the people because they just don’t have enough weight to do it all by themselves.

Furthermore, they all appear to have this little ditty that they convince you to go along with.  This party will do this and, that party will do that.  This party is more superior than that party because this party are going to do something more advantageous than the other to make this nation a more fitting place to live.

We’ve heard it all before and, it almost always comes down to the reality that it’s a great big fat lie and, not one of them even comes near to doing or fulfilling what they said in the first place.

So, who do we vote for and, how will it impact on our lives next time, or are they all full of stagnant farts – I’m going to require a muffler for this one!


They all proclaim they’re committed as a party, but commitment is not what’s required here, it’s determination to do the correct thing, but if you’re going to be successful at this thing, one has to stop being so different and; if one can’t do that, then they must adapt.

Not just on the outside, you have to change on the inside and, we have to take risks, make mistakes.  Occasionally it’s necessary not to be flawless, it’s necessary to do the wrong thing, but why, to learn from your mistakes.

We need to find out what’s real and, what’s not, to find out what you feel because human beings are dreadful messes.  This is what’s known as an illogical world filled with human beings.

It’s not about being logical; it’s about following your heart and, that’s what we should all do because human beings have a heart and, in order to follow your heart, sometimes we must do the wrong thing.

Well, the Coalition Party have been doing the wrong thing since 11th May 2010, so they’ve had more than enough time to get it wrong and, to sort it all out and, get it right.


But how does one get freedom and, why would we want to be free when we have such a magnificent country to live in and, we have so much freedom here; until one is ordered to do something and, it may have been an extremely long time since anyone has in fact ordered us to do something, but we can be ordered to do something at any given time.

People ask people to do things all the time and, some would say it’s a request, not an order, but that’s not enough.  If you study our history, dreadful wars have been fought where millions have died for one idea – freedom.   And it appears that something that means so much to so many people is worth having.

We all have a right to be free, things become different, things always change and things move on, as it should be and, there are some of us that attempt to see the meaning of the things around us and, there must be a reason why we are as we are, but the thing is that we are no longer free.

The world is old and, it’s decomposing and, in the end it will come to an end, but while we live on this sphere, do we not want to be recognised for who we are, no more, no less.  Not for praise, not for acceptance, but the straightforward veracity of that acknowledgement.

This is the primary drive to our way of life and, it must be attained because if it isn’t, we can’t die with self-respect.


We’re all remarkable human beings and, the government has a duty to help us become whatever we’re able to be and, what is right for a lot of people in a lot of situations isn’t suitable for everybody in every situation and, it would be conceited of them to presume that it is.


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