An incriminating evaluation of government welfare procedures with regard to disabled people was presented to the Town Hall’s ruling Labour executive on Thursday.

It notified thousands of Islington residents who have wrongly had benefit taken off them by the controversial independent assessor ATOS, only to have it reinstated on appeal, will have to go through the procedure once more because of a further set of modifications.


Disability living allowance (DLA) is to be substituted for working age people by personal independence payments (PIP), meaning that all those on DLA will have to go through a further evaluation by ATOS.


The agency has been condemned for forming an opinion that people are fit to work, even though they have very bad disabilities.

Half of those previously refused disability benefits were wrongly evaluated to be able to work and, had their benefits reinstated on appeal.  An amazing 85 per cent of appeals are victorious when people are counselled correctly and, by the right organisations.

People conveyed that ATOS tests were mechanised and aimed at taking people off benefits.


There are almost 8,000 Islington locals aged between 16 and 64 who will have their DLA end and, will be required to claim PIP.


PIP will require a medical evaluation by an ATOS medical person, but Disability Action in Islington raised it worries about the ability of many people to manage with the entitlement procedures for PIP.


Previous evaluation ATOS assessors did not look at the claimant that they were talking to, but at their computer screens and, in addition, the ATOS assessors did not appear to take into consideration the medical proof of the claimant’s General Practitioner, or of hospital specialists and, there was a sense that the ATOS assessors were simply going through a power driven process intended to take people off benefits.

In one instance,  a claimant had 1,000 official documents substantiating their disability, but was still judged healthy enough to work.  The person won their appeal but only just prior to their being due for their next evaluation.

The governments strategies are farcical and, they need to calm them down and, make them more practical.

It’s foolish to be taking people’s money and, in addition levy them more than they have coming in, knowing full well that they will not be capable of paying their rents, heating their homes and feeding their children, which means only one thing; that the governments sharp-witted idea’s have merely been put into position for one reason and, that is, to impose these disgraceful laws onto the low income and, to make them poverty stricken so that they can restrain them, making them into dog dirt.

In numbers:

12,670 – Number of those claiming a disability benefit
2,100 – Number of council tenants affected by bedroom tax
£45.71 – Average loss of weekly income due to rent cap
8,000 – Islington residents claiming DLA who will have PIP instead
15 – Children who had to leave a school because of rent caps

The powers that be are in charge of people with not so much as a trace of consideration for them.  They have grown into a powerful reign, so much so, that it makes the Royal family look unimportant and, David Cameron and his Scrooge-like party have the capability of bringing everyone down because the ruling classes have become substantially too big for their boots and, presently need bringing down a peg or two before the situation this country is in becomes far worse and, England’s possibilities become a centrepiece in a history book.


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