Coroner advises social landlords are notified about vulnerable patients


A coroner has urged that a London Hospital trust passes on details about vulnerable patients to social landlords after a mentally ill social tenant committed suicide because he was being turned out of his home.

The gentleman, 44, was found dead in his home in April 2012 following the ouster from his home owned by Genesis Housing Association in North London after failing to pay his rent to the Housing Association.

The Coroner expressed that the man went back to the property and took his own life as a direct result of his being expelled from his home and, the consequence that the expulsion had on his mental health.

The gentleman was being given medical care by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust for mental health matters that Genesis Housing Association were not aware of.

The coroner said he had sent out a ‘rule 43’ letter, which coroners can send out if they recognise a course of action that could stop similar future casualties, to the hospital trust’s chief executive.

The letter that was sent out in July of this year; proposes the introduction of an evaluation process to notify other agencies, comprising housing suppliers, that a patient is vulnerable.

The letter specified that consideration must be given in a questionnaire that may be filled in by the staff managing the evaluation and, that determines that a person is to be deemed vulnerable and, that it can be handed onto other agencies, such as those supplying housing.

Genesis Housing Association was informed that it didn’t play a part in the man taking his own life and, that the gentleman’s demise was a sad state of affairs.

Nevertheless, since then Genesis have put in place an assortment of measures, such as instructing employees on welfare reform and benefits advice, manifesting a team to assist people avoid declining into rent arrears, or where people are owing money, to help them prior to the situation becoming uncontrollable.

Nonetheless, it’s heart-rending that it takes someone’s demise so that we can then take a course of action and, put things into place to keep the vulnerable safe.  A great deal of vulnerable people will not even read their mail because they can’t deal with the pressure that paying their rent brings about if they’re not on Housing Benefit.

Suicides like this have been going on since the Coalition government came into power and, it’s a disgrace on them.  A lot of people have been self harming and, having nervous breakdowns because of this horrifying bedroom tax.


Had there been a system in place prior to this man killing himself we wouldn’t be talking about his death and, even though housing providers are at the moment teaching employees to be additionally suicide vigilant, it’s as well, putting a substantial pull on housing support staff, bearing in mind that the government has now made a vast quantity of them redundant; so that the ones that are left have a doubled workload for the same amount of money or less.


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