It takes this kind of public attention for somebody to do something when this loyal and elderly son tried to kill his ailing 93 year old mother in her care home.

Nevertheless, why do we have to advertise this sort of thing before anything is done about it.

Even so, if the organisation of the situation had been thought significant enough to do something about it, this situation would not have happened in the first place.

This elderly son was so worried about paying for payment on the care home and, his own well-being because this man has Dementia and, in fact should not have been entrusted to be accountable for his mother in the first place and, Social Services should have taken on that duty.

Social Services did not take any control over the situation because they considered it was not their problem and, they in all likelihood didn’t have the funds to assist this poor man.   Although when something bad then happened, instantaneously the money miraculously seems to be available and, out of thin air.

At any moment I’ll be waiting for Paul Daniels to appear from the shadows, “You’ll like this, not a lot, but you’ll like it.”

Nonetheless, when you look at this situation with examination, it’s not this elderly man that is a menace to our society, it’s the government itself, for they are the ones that adjudicate the funding for Social Services and, what goes where and whom it goes to and; if you don’t live in the correct postal address, then you simply don’t get anything.

Nonetheless, you can’t simply play Lottery with someone else’s life or even the way that you regard them.  It’s a dangerous business, but what you have to remember is that these elderly people that end up in care homes have worked all their adult life and, for what, to be tossed into some kind of care institution, which if they don’t have enough money to pay for, then the care homes will then come after their children to pay for it and, they have no sense of right or wrong because they don’t care whom they have to pursue to get their money, it’s of no significance to them, so long as they are getting it.

Another thing to consider is this, if these care homes and, the people running them have no sense of right or wrong, does that not mean that they’re not fit enough to look after our elderly ailing family and relatives?

Wherever I go, it’s all about money and, how they can squeeze it from a person and, they will pull the carpet from right under you, just to get it.

We should be looking after the elderly of our society, instead of attempting to isolate them and, doing our utmost to dismiss them from society completely.

They were previously the backbone of our society and, therefore deserve to be regarded with some kind of self respect, but instead people just peer at them as if they are some kind of alien nation.

Society is not satisfied until they strip every last thing off your back, including your hide if they could and, there’s always a rival that will do better than the previous opponent because it’s all about rivalry and, who can do what and, how much they can earn, or take from you without even the slightest conscience.



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