This little boy has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Nevertheless, the NHS are holding up advanced medical care for this little boy.



Bradley has a disability that makes his muscles weaken and waste; which then causes heart and lung problems.

This family is in a race against time to get medical care which will increase the schoolboy’s standard of life.

Bradley is ten and his disability has already had a substantial impact on his body, he incapable of walking and, uses a powered wheelchair and, his disorder has an effect on him more and more each day.

The earlier medical care is obtainable, the less irreparable the damage will be on this young boys body.

We can’t do anything to change the speed of medical development, but we can plan to the future to make sure it’s not squandered, if a treatment is proved to work.

Having to wait for the NHS to sort out matters surrounding money and supervision matters is a real worry and, MPs have communicated worries that money formerly ring fenced for rare illnesses had been joined together into the all-inclusive financial plan for the NHS services commissioned in England.

For years families have fought to build essential funds for developing investigation, but the worry is, that as advanced medical care becomes known, poor preparation at this phase could obstruct or stop thriving medical care reaching those that require them.

The NHS need to work arduously to make sure that all sick people have admission to the correct expert supervision prior to medical care becoming obtainable, or risk families undergoing lengthy holdups before they can be dispensed.


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