Advertising inside our educational institutions, with the encouragement of crap food over the internet, to engage the young way of thinking and, also have dominance over them without them even being aware.

How does advertising inside your child’s school make the world a more advantageous place, how does it make your child’s life of a higher standard?

Presently a company called TenNine are putting up billboards in the passageways and commons rooms of 750 British educational institutions.


Amongst those companies are customers such as Nike, Adidas, Orange, Tesco and Unilever, so that it has a strong impact objective that goes out to young kids of 11-18 years old.

There are of course other firms that are closing in, such as Boomerang Media, which represents, Sega, Atari, Virgin, Umbro and others and, not only that firms like Revlon have convinced schools to give out perfume samples to their students.

This tactical manoeuvre is said to effectively link into the pupils PSHE and PE classes.  PSHE classes are put in position for social, health and economic education, or assisting the young student to live well, even though I’m not sure how endorsing perfume to students will keep the pupil fit and well, or instruct them how to exist in the outside world once they depart the educational institution.

Advertising in schools provides companies a real captive selling point, not to mention, an opportunity to control the young pupils mind.

We only have to look at what’s going on to see that there needs to be an investigation into this.

It’s without doubt the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard of and, I do have my doubts because even though these businesses are looked upon as reliable, they are without doubt only out there to make a buck or two, which in all honesty gives them a bad reputation, but I suppose we all have to make money and, it really doesn’t matter how we do it, so long as we’re doing it.

Each year, advertisers press a little more into our lives, diminishing the uncontaminated space that we live in and, in a manner that we’re barely aware, to alter the understanding of how we view the world around us and, to change our values and how we envisage the world and, the people in it.

What troubles me, is that our children sit in front of the television, or they amuse themselves with games on their consoles and, we are breeding a society of children with no empathy and condemnation because they believe what they see in front of them – It’s called Mass Mind Control.

Subliminal programming was ruled out years ago, which made it unlawful, but it never ended and, you’ll find it more on cable television.

They use it to underline distinct elements of what you view around you and, people end up being indoctrinated and, remain ignorant.

The most straightforward method of securing a silent weapon and, obtaining jurisdiction of the public and, to keep the public undisciplined and, without knowledge of the basic structure of principles, on one hand, whilst keeping them confused, disorganised and, preoccupied with stuff that has no actual significance on the other hand.

They’re removing your mind, destroying your mental interests; giving a low quality program of public education and, hindering technical inventiveness.

They’re appealing to your feelings and, expanding your self-indulgence with continual emotional affectations, by way of psychological and emotional rape, with a continual bombardment of sex, violence and, wars in the media, particularly on the television and, in the newspapers, giving them what they want “junk food for thought” and, stripping them of what they genuinely require.


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