Iain Duncan Smith has now been revealed as a liar, after more than 100,000 people signed a petition calling for him to be held responsible for his actions.   Iain Duncan Smith has been called before a Parliament Work and Pensions Committee, to be held answerable for statistical deceit.

He will be appearing before a committee, to give testimony on the production and release of the Department for Work and Pensions, DWP data in September, regardless of avoiding that committee and, having been delayed in June and July.


If he won’t vindicate himself, in that case he is culpable of the violation and, this brings us to the subject of the punishment that should be bestowed upon him.

Subject to British Parliamentary Convention, there is law here in the United Kingdom, recognised as the Contempt of Parliament.

A Member of Parliament is blameworthy of this if he or she intentionally deceives Parliament and, any MP accused of the offence may be excluded or thrown out.

He should either confess that he lied to Member of Parliament and, to the people in order to warrant his contemptible behaviour towards of the most vulnerable people in this nation, or he must be thrown out from Parliament like the disgrace that he is.


He should be humiliated just like he has demeaned the vulnerable people of the United Kingdom and, taken any esteem that they did have, from them.

We should take into consideration that at his hearing, he should not have the capacity to talk out because he never gave the same consideration to the vulnerable people of the United Kingdom, he did not give them the opportunity to in fact speak for themselves in the shape of arbitration.

All they were given was a penalty, which appeared entertaining for Iain Duncan Smith; as he gave this impersonation that he was this dependable and reliable, but instead he turned out to be this challenging, menacing and, unfavourable human being who required the working classes to treat the low income people of the UK as scroungers.

Nevertheless this human being that we thought was so devoted to making the United Kingdom a more advantageous country had no keenness to start off with.  His sole technique was to single out the low income families and, make their way of life level to that of a nomadic circus.

Disorder has now turned into confrontation, accompanied with unemployment and, with no one to facilitate but instead all he done was to hamper the public by sacrificing those that calculated the most expenditure.

The young of our society are now a disposable commodity who are being broken into a million pieces, but the pièce de résistance is to renounce everybody of low income with the lowest level of money in an attempt to restrain a society and, to make it look as if it’s just the low income that are affected.

This ripple has expanded so much because of Iain Duncan Smiths ornate organisation for the intention of bringing about a complete state of elitist larva who poke and, make fun at the lower income society, some who are disabled and terminally ill.

From time to time it makes me wonder why it has to be an elitist society that has to take possession of parliament and bags becoming Prime Minister and, I wonder if it would be a much more beneficial concept if it were someone who didn’t have an Oxford indoctrination that became Prime Minister and, someone who knows something about how the world goes round, rather than someone who believes they know how the world goes round.


After all, just because someone doesn’t have an Oxford education doesn’t mean they don’t have an understanding of how the world ticks, the only dissimilarity is, the average person is not sullied by greed, which should question a persons good character before they even begin taking up office at No. 10!

All that the government are worried about is how they can steal from the poor and give to the wealthy and, then cover their tracks.  They’re not here to mend a failing society, they’re here for the celebrity fame and, to be nominated for the best performance, that’s all you’re voting for, “And the Academy Award for the Best Lie goes to…”


One thought on “Iain Duncan Smith Revealed As A Liar

  1. To be honest I think IDS is too stupid to know truth from falsehood any more. This person is lost in his on delusions where you have to be “cruel to be kind” and in order to “help people help themselves” you have to push them to the brink of destitution, homelessness, and suicide.

    If only somebody could put this deranged madman out of our misery…


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