For what reason should Britain not call for the right to put an end to immigrants automatically having entitlement to  benefits here.  The regulations should be that if they don’t have a UK Passport, they shouldn’t qualify to benefits.

If David Cameron is the winner of the 2015 election, he has given his word to renegotiate Britain’s connection with the EU.

Even though it wasn’t the most prominent idea to team up with the EU in the first place, I think that it would be an even greater error to come away from the EU because even though it allows immigrants to come into our country, it would as well take away nearly all of our Civil Liberties, which EU law now gives us and, without those Civil Liberties we may as well kiss our arse and say adieu!


Immigration officers and police conducted a succession of stop and check operations around London’s railway stations this week.

This resulted in the apprehension of approximately a dozen suspected unauthorised immigrants, but the Equality and Human Rights Commission set in motion an investigation yesterday to see if it broke discrimination regulations by using race related profiling, but how can it be racial profiling if they’re not supposed to be here in the first place and, if they are here illegally, then it’s only profiling that they’re here without a passport, or have stayed longer they should and, should go back home until they have the applicable documents.


The advertising campaign set up by the Home Office, “Go home or face arrest” is laughable publicity because illegal immigrants are refugees by their very character and, they’re not really bothered if they end up facing apprehension because their incarceration would be far less of a danger than what might be in store for them if they were to be delivered back to their country.

The apprehension of the illegal immigrants resulted from a campaign notifying those with no right to be in Britain to go home or face arrest.  Vans conveying billboards bearing the slogan were driven around London’s most multicultural districts and, posters were put into shop windows in regions where immigrants were known to congregate.

Nevertheless, Park Lane vagrants are getting around the law to remain in Britain.  Romanian freeloaders are infecting one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods and, are taking advantage of a loophole in the law to evade being booted out of Britain.


Current law gives immigrants 90 days to get a job and a home, or else they have to depart from Britain, but Roma gypsies living rough nearby Park Lane are sneaking out of the UK a day prior the cutoff point and, then coming back 24 hours afterwards so they can go back to their profit making begging for a further three months.

Individuals living in Marble Arch and Park Lane are extremely wise and, what they do is go to France or Belgium on the 89th day and, on what would be the 91st day they come back so that the clock begins ticking down from 90 once more.  Gypsy encampment is not only a health risk but as well severely has an effect on London’s tourism.

This begging method appears to be extremely profitable and, some maintain that they make £100 a day badgering people on Oxford Street; that’s five times the monthly subsidies they get in Romania.  Coming to the United Kingdom unquestionably makes them wealthy, in comparison to money from their own country, which is in short supply.

This is a general thing that goes on, not just in Romania, but in a large amount of other countries as well.  So, these people don’t feel prejudiced against; they feel extremely lucky that they can utilise such a gift to their benefit and, not only that, we allow them to do it, like it’s some type of learning curve.


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