Substance for the wealthy and, moneyless for those who aren’t, because all that the poor get is the meagre residue that the government only believe are good enough to be thrown to a second-fiddle nation.


Their fellowship is packed by a composition of tradition and attire that makes you think that they’re intelligent and; that the poor of this nation are incompetent  and, they delight in us merely when significant things are at hand, like voting.  Any other time their responsibility to their people is without interest.

They tell us that they are striving towards a more superior society but what that in fact entails is, that they will use you until you’re of no use any longer and, yet they will still put on you till you’re a disposable item and, not worth retaining.

Once dispelled they will regard you like entertainment because you’re incompetent of doing anything else but they have a great deal of devotee’s that will be guided into thinking that the government are dedicated to the working classes, but what people don’t realise is that the government are an educational institution with not the slightest shred of integrity and, they’ll gradually give you the feeling that you’re empowered and, they’ll tell you that you can make your own decisions but in fact those only live in your head.

Only you can be in charge of your own destiny, you’re the student of your own desire and, no one can cheat you out of that, unless you give them permission.


No one can refuse you the right to a life that’s free, unless you give yourself up to a life of enslavement.  You retain the right to freedom, but inspect your life as it is right now and, it will become apparent that the construction of your life isn’t free, it’s been moulded into a chain of occurrences that now makes us slaves to a government that agrees with you, merely because you’re agreeing with them.


Wealth appears to be one of the most intoxicating creations and, there’s no way to survive without it and, yet it appears to be so hard to come by, unless, of course, your stealing it, or cheating someone out of it by some method that’s evidently against the law.

Most people work so hard, and do so for their entire lives and, at the end of it, have nothing to show for it and, then there are those, the herdsmen of our society, the ones that look at us like we’re insignificant creatures that don’t deserve nothing more than brutality.

Greediness is the catchphrase which still exists in the minds of many, the employers, the insurer and, particularly the politicians.  In addition, money and the status of higher office could demean the unselfish gravity of even the most well meaning of politicians.

A government run by the wealthy and intellectual people is only going to be concerned in preserving social order and, it will not be affected in the welfare of everybody, but in the well-being of themselves and their own objectives.

Evidence declares that money produces greed and, destroys the ability to comprehend the feelings for another person or thing and, this is where war profiteering comes in.

To actively bring about wars for personal profit and, that economic profit is money and power.  The only disadvantage with that is, no one benefits from a war because ammunition kills!

Image Image

Physical enslavement demands people to be housed and fed. Financial enslavement demands the people to feed and house themselves.

It’s one of the most inventive rackets for social manipulation ever brought about, and at its centre, it’s an undetectable battle against the people and, debt is the weapon used to defeat and suppress societies and Attraction are its main missile.


People are strolling about and, are unaware of the facts, that the banks are in collaboration with governments and, corporations proceed to be ideal to the growth of economic hostilities.

There are two ways to defeat and suppress a nation.  One is by the sword and, the other is by debt.  So how do we put a stop to a structure of greed and double-dealing that has so much control?

How do we end this deviant behaviour by those that perceives no pity for say, the millions of massacred Iraqi and Afghanistan people, so that the corporation can be in charge of energy resources.


How do we put an end to a structure of greed and wrongdoing and, that which blames the poor for the advantage of others, or that designs terror attacks for the purpose of control over the people, or that systematically reduces civil liberties, desecrates human rights in order to keep itself safe from its own imperfections?

The thing is, we are all indoctrinated sheep and, we always shadow the ones that suppress us, we’re all constituents of the control system.  We’re nothing more than robots going through life knowing the veracity of the things that are going on around us.  You have all been conditioned from an extremely young age, influenced so that you’ll comply with what the Illuminati has set up to be a structure of ideas in everyday  life.


You’ve been fed toxins in your daily food so that you will be dummied down, making it easier for you to be indoctrinated.  You’re given chemicals in your everyday drinking water, making it easier for you to shadow the flock of sheep.  They will in due course give you microchip implants through inoculations and, you must realise that you’re living in a prison with undetectable bars and, you’re being controlled by the establishment and, you’re confined here until you’ve acquired the knowledge of how to break free!

We’re dominated by the upper classes, some of the most wealthy people on the face of this Earth, who want to enslave you to the material world and, it’s time to wake up and, I for one, know, that I’ll not let anyone walk through my mind with their grubby feet.

Owing to money, we’re forced to deal with greed, dishonesty and financial debt and, numerous other matters, but we all need money to survive, well that’s what the banks want us to think, but where there’s money, there’ll always be financial debt and, we have financial debt because we have money.

The bank produces our money and, then loans it out to additional banks on interest.  So, any money that is created needs to be in due course rewarded back to the banks, as well as interest, so there never really was any money in the first place and, there wasn’t sufficient money inside the system to cover the interest the banks needed.

The economic system makes sure that people will always be in financial debt because our money is created by financial debt.

Getting rid of the establishment is like getting out of a bad marriage with a narcissist, sociopath, abuser or control freak and, if you’ve had enough, then your all set to get a divorce!  However, what you have in front of you is a long challenging road that no one is even ready for.

Going against the grain can be the most menacing because the establishment are a secret society with secrets that they don’t want you to discover.  The trouble is, there are people out there that believe they know how it all works and, naivete is dangerous because the establishment are underhanded and stiff-necked and, to understand them you need a roadmap and organisation, or else you will lose everything you spent a lifetime building.


In the end the pot will be empty and, for a great deal of people it will force them to go without as a consequence of greed and, so many will suffer for the misdeeds of others.  Nevertheless, not everyone is without accountability, particularly for those who sat back and said, “It doesn’t have an effect on me so why should I get involved?”  It has an effect on everybody and, for the sake of our children’s well being and many generations to follow.

A person who is brave enough to break the mould or the image of how other people see us, is the person who took that decision to not sit idly by and, be part of that situation but instead, be part of the solution.  Integrity, honour and, faith are the principles that should at no time be sold or bought, no matter what the sacrifice.

The well being of our nation as a whole should not automatically be considered on the power of the Pound against the Dollar, or whether our shares are doing well on the world’s stock exchange but it should be considered on its most powerful commodity, its citizens, the most valuable of all our natural assets, our offspring!

Regrettably we’re failing at the above and, we need to fix the future of our children and, the people, who are not being taken seriously, or not being thought about at all, when you think about the influences that should be moving us in the direction of a better way of life.

Have we as a nation become less sensitive to the harmful repercussions of dishonesty and wrongs that are going on, or do we as a society just go along with it as part of the way we live?  I don’t think so and, I honestly think that we’re under obligation to one another and, we owe it to our children and to the people of this country to not go along with the way things are right now.

We need to make our opinions heard and, when that melancholy and lonesome voice calls out in the night and, is not heard, it remains but a sad and lonesome voice, add an army of voices and those tears become one of joyful celebration at what will become a positive change.  We need our voices to be united with each other, so that all people unit for a collective goal and, to eliminate the defeatist impact that this country has at the moment.

Stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right and part with him when he goes wrong.

Abraham Lincoln


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