Evidently the government are at the moment attempting to hurry through a new law and; if this law is passed, it will put an end to people running any kind of campaign.


Such crusades, such as preserving our forests, those fighting privatisation of the NHS and, the rejected snoopers charter, campaigns that have seen 1.7 million of us act in partnership, locally and nationally.

In fact, if this additional law goes ahead and, the people carry on campaigning as they do at the moment, there will be the possibility of them being sent to prison.


The law is named the “Transparency of Lobby, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill” and, if it goes through without any modifications, it will obliterate our crusading by reducing what we can spend during the year prior to elections and, not just general elections, but Local elections, European elections and referendums.

As this government decreases itself lower and lower into the sewers of disregard for humanity.  It wants the general public to obey their commandments, yet they decline to give us any assistance as it pulls us gradually into the grinning control of a flickering society.

There is no mutual assistance any longer; it’s just a forward movement so that the people decline swiftly and, the government has additional self-control.

It’s exactly what they want, the chance to be in charge of everything and everyone, but it’s a stupid expectation that everybody will think the same way because some of us out there are extremely intelligent and, aware and well-informed and, there is always an informant of the facts and, those facts happen to be the press.

People are the power, campaigning does not use up much, but campaigns do cost money and, without being able to spend, recruiting workers, purchasing billboards, or printing leaflets about were politicians stand on local matters, they just won’t be able to make the issues which are important to us all, like the NHS and fair taxation, top of the itinerary at the next election.

The aim of people campaigning is so that they get acknowledged, or else the odds are stacked against us and, we end up getting left with meaningless assurances from the government, just like the Coalition government did when they first got voted in by the public.

The country sat eagerly at home in front of their TV sets and pay attention to Conservative leader David Cameron.

Image Image

“Her Majesty the Queen has asked me to form a new government and, I have accepted, but before I talk about that new government, let me say something about the one that has just passed.  Compared with a decade ago, this country is more open at home and, more compassionate abroad and, that is something we should all be grateful for and, on behalf of the whole country, I’d like to pay tribute to the outgoing Prime Minister for his long record of dedicated public service.  In terms of the future, our country has a hung parliament where no party has an overall majority and, we have some deep and pressing problems.  A huge deficit, deep social problems and, a political system in need of reform.  For those reasons,  I aim to form a proper and full Coalition between the Conservatives and, the Liberal Democrats.  I believe that is the right way to provide this country with the strong, the stable, the good and decent government; that I think we need so badly.  Nick Clegg and I are both political leaders who want to put aside party differences and, work hard for the common good and, for the national interest.  I believe that is the best way to get the strong government that we need, decisive government that we need today.

I came into politics because I love this country, I think its best days still lie ahead and, I believe deeply in public service and, I think the service our country needs right now is to face up to our really big challenges, to confront our problems, to take difficult decisions, to lead people through those difficult decisions, so that together we can reach better times ahead.

One of the tasks that we clearly have is to rebuild trust in our political system.

Yes, that’s about cleaning up expenses, yes, that’s about reforming parliament and, yes, it’s about making sure people are in control and, that the politicians are always their servants and, never their masters, but I believe it’s also something else, it’s about being honest about what government can achieve.

Real change is not what government can do on its own, real change is when everyone pulls together, comes together, works together, when we all exercise our responsibilities to ourselves, to our families, to our communities and, to others and, I want to help build a more responsible society here in Great Britain.

One when we don’t just ask “What are my entitlements, but what are my responsibilities”.  When we don’t ask where “What am I just owed?”, but more “What can I give?”  And a guide to that society, that those who can, should and, those who can’t we will always help.  I want to make sure that my government always looks after the elderly, the frail, the poorest in our country, we must take everyone through us on some of the difficult decisions that we have ahead.  Above all, it will be a government that’s built on some clear values, values of freedom, values of fairness and values of responsibility.  I want us to build an economy that rewards work, I want us to build a society with stronger families and stronger communities and, I want a political system that people can trust and, look up to once again.  This is going to be hard and difficult work, a Coalition with grow up all sorts of challenges, but I believe together we can provide that strong and stable government that our country needs based on those values, rebuilding family, rebuilding community, above all rebuilding responsibility in our country.  Those are the things I care about, those are the things that this government will now start work on doing.

Mr Cameron, who at 43 was the youngest Prime Minister in almost 200 years, promised to set to one side party disagreements and rule ‘in the national interest’ and, Mr Clegg said he recognised some Lib Dem voters would be skeptical about the agreement but encouraged them to ‘keep faith’.

That irritation that the Lib Dem voters had at the time; they should have carried on with that itch because they were wholly right to be troubled by it.

All those pledges that the government said they would bring about and, all those declarations that they have made over the years, since being voted in and, the deterioration in our financial deficit, that they said would unquestionably get better.

David Cameron said that he aspired to  make sure that his government continually looked after the elderly, the frail, the poorest in our country.  He in all likelihood believed it when he was writing his policy statement so that the voters would select him, but his ideas were extremely short-lived.

His planned ideas were to integrate the people of the United Kingdom to do as he wants with them.

This concept of considering the public, so that he could look like a saint ended up being an attack on the British public and, then when Mr Cameron can’t take the heat, he removes himself to some warm sunny climate, abandoning this country and, leaving it spread out to the elements whilst he lazes in the midday sunshine with his Margarita’s.

Mr Cameron said that, it was about making sure that people are in control and, that the politicians are always their servants and, never their masters.

That is the most amusing thing I’ve ever listened to, bearing in mind, at this point, as I write this article, the United Kingdom is in the middle of a ‘social apartheid’.


Child poverty is now larger than it was previously and, children are at the moment growing up in considerable poverty, which will cause devastating results through their lives and, for the future.


This government has brought our culture into a world where children will grow up in a country of social apartheid, where poor children will be doomed to encounter destitution and disadvantage just by misadventure of birth, with the government being ignorant of their way of life.

All the government ever hoped for was a country in which children’s lives are contrasted and; that the rich and poor live partitioned lives, in coexisting worlds.

The government made a pledge to keep pensioners benefits protected, but there has been no equal commitment in keeping children and, the poorest families safe, instead the government have increased their poverty and, decreased their money, so that they live below the breadline.

Children and people of a lower standing are born not to succeed and, that is precisely what is occurring because they know that most people are ignorant enough to go along and graze with the sheep and, if freedom of speech is taken away, then mute and speechless we may be guided, like sheep to the slaughter.

So we must have plenty of herdsmen to drive the wolves from the sheep, because at this point, the government are herding their sheep and, driving the cattle, so that they can be the leader of the people.  “We will lead you, or you can follow us, or if not, then just get out of our way!”


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