Zero-hour contracts are taking away employment protection for millions of our taxpayers.  Such contracts provide none of the recognised working stipulations that all workers should have, such as paid holidays, sickness benefits and so forth.

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As a result, a large number of UK companies are taking the upper hand because of economic constraint and inflated unemployment so that they can offer reduced pay and supply working conditions with none or little job protection.

The relationship connecting employer and employee will now be detached because the boundaries have now altered.  A zero-hour contract is a contract of employment utilised in the United Kingdom which while meeting the requirements of the Employment Rights Act 1996 by supplying a written declaration of the terms and conditions of employment includes terms which establish an “on call” agreement connecting employer and employee.

So, from this time it doesn’t need the company to supply work for the worker, or for the worker to accept the work put forward.  The worker will presently consent to being obtainable for work as and when desired so that no particular number of hours or times of work are stated.

So, fundamentally your company can from this moment summon you into work when and, as it makes them happy.   So, if they merely need you to work 2 days in that week, that is all you will be working for, or the next week you could be working 7 days and, the next week no days at all, which means that a great deal of workers will lose out on a large amount of money and, will not be able to secure a roof over their heads because they simply will not know when and if they will be working that week.

The employee will be required to be on call and, will only be given recompense for the hours that they’ve worked, so people who are responsible for supporting a family run the risk of erratic hours and earnings and, workers subject to zero-hour contracts are subject to being taken advantage of as they may be refused work at any time for any reason, including turning down a response to a request to work.

The slightest refusal to work in any one instance for any reason can result in an extended period of lack of work, so for example, if a worker declined work on the basis that they may have a hospital or doctor’s appointment, they could then end up with no work at all for weeks and, owing to the unpredictability of the workers’ timetable, zero-hour contracts present difficulties for employees with children, owing to the strain of organising Child Care.

Once again, this is one more pawn to impede the people into becoming victims of a conflict and, as the Grim Reaper attacks us once more, attempting to ensconce upheaval into the lives of many and, as children watch their families fall apart at the seams because of little or no wages that they’re getting.

We are guided by the establishment to think that we need a leader to help us into making the nation a better place, but in fact, they’re there to hamper us and encourage disorder because they’re only here to improve things for themselves and, not for the good of the people, making people believe that they’re inferior, but the truth is nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.

If you want to know what the government are like, then just look at the way they behave towards those people in a lower status, opposed to how they act towards their equals.  They will criticise their people, but they just look as if they are condemning their equals, but in fact, the fracas that you see between David Cameron and his opponents is a lot like a Punch and Judy Show, with the Constable saying to Mr Punch “You can’t do that!” and, Punch saying, “Yes, I can” and, that’s the way you do it.


It’s all camouflage to make you think that they’re in opposition with each other and that they’re fighting for an ideal, but in fact, they’re not really fighting for anything other than to get a seat in parliament and, establish themselves in a position of power.

When Labour was in control, Tories were the opponent, now the Tories are in domination; Labour are the opposing side, which displays that they’re not devoted to the people whom they seem to be assisting, but they’re patriotic to themselves and, they have no intent of even troubling themselves how people will cope in the happening that the nation comes to a complete and utter gridlock because of all their cock-ups.


Furthermore, this is how it works if one party is in resistance to the other and, the opponents seem as if they don’t concur with the party who is in power, then it makes people think that they’re the good guys and vise-versa, but in fact, neither could really give a damn, so long as you vote for them because the only opposition they’re in is getting you to give them enough votes so they can have power and control of people, not for the people.


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