It’s a summer’s evening, and a senior citizen is quietly making his way along a street in the city centre, minding his own business, up until he comes face to face with a girl who assaults this elderly man who is 80 years old and, shoves him to the ground.  The unknown hooligan then gobs in his face and, leaves him stretched out on the pavement.

The nauseating and unprovoked assault was caught on video by a passer by who was using the camera on a mobile phone and, then shared it on Facebook, but it really makes you wonder why this passer by never helped the man who was being attacked, this passer by instead went out of his way to record the event and, plaster it all over Facebook while the man continued being attacked and gobbed at whilst on the ground.

Makes you think about what other stuff people will have to put up with, now that the government are putting adverts on the side of vehicles telling emigrants to get out of our country, which will now not only give rise to a ripple of hate offences against illegal foreigners, but as well hate crime against other branches of society, such as disabled people and the unemployed.

Police are regarding the assault as a serious and spiteful injury and, actionable with up to five years in prison; that’s if the hoodlum is ever seized by the police because the police force needs to come to grips with this indignation with regard to people.

The footage that the man captured with his mobile phone reveals the girl knocking the Asian man to the ground in the city centre of Coventry.  She was flanked by three men as she persisted launching insults and, gobbing at the man.

At the moment in England there’s an enormous detestation in opposition to anyone that doesn’t come from our country and, even though I agree that our country isn’t large enough to assist everybody from different cultures, that unquestionably doesn’t give anyone the right to set upon somebody this viciously because they’re not of our culture because we wouldn’t expect to be behaved towards in such a way if we were from England staying in their homeland.

The only person to lend a helping hand to this man, was by picking up the victim’s turban, who approached as the villains walked off.  The injured man who is 80 years old was left with a bleeding nose and a black eye.

This detestable assault on this elderly man will not be the only one that will occur and, the situation needs to be addressed before additional people are participants to hate crimes because the establishment are turning a blind eye so that it’s all right to do such stomach-churning activities by putting adverts on billboards stating that it’s okay to set upon your fellow man.


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