NHS England is dishing out thousands of pounds to bring about a digital top-of-the-line training in GP practices, health centres and hospitals as part of a drive to teach people to utilise the internet this year.

The learning centres are intended to lessen health inequalities, one of the guidelines of the Government’s requirement to the NHS England and, will be set up in regions of social poverty.

The greatest self-motivation to teach 100,000 patients was first made public in NHS England’s business plan for 2013/14 to 2015/16 and, the procurement paper for the scheme discloses it may cost up to £750,000 in 2013/14 and, that it could be prolonged for an additional two years.


NHS Digital Flagships’ will be set up in GP practices, health centres and hospitals and, collective centres will be set up in libraries and, community centres in order to teach patients how to use the internet.

More than seven million people in the United Kingdom have at no time used the internet.  Despite the fact people of over 65 account for approximately half of all NHS dispensation because 40% don’t use to the internet at home and, five million of those have never been online.


It was also stated that other groups, such as those with disabilities, the homeless, offenders, the travelling brotherhood and, people in some rural districts, were also at an additional drawback, as they’re not able to make use of the internet.




I am not opposed to people utilising the internet, for some it’s a very necessary component of their lives, but it all gives rise as regards manipulation and, tricking the people into thinking that they’re being educated for diddly-squat.


Nought is without charge in this life and, those people that are inexperienced in the art of computer skills will very likely not want to try because people that are advanced in years are set in their ways, but the disabled and suchlike will see it to their benefit, as do the government.

If we can be trained in a skill without realising what’s behind it, then the government will then undeniably state that if they’re well enough to acquire a skill, they’re well enough to work.  So, what you acquired knowledge of was not without charge after all, now you’re going to earn all that money they used up educating you, giving it back in taxes when they find you a position, that’s if they can find you a job, but in the meanwhile, they will make your life a misery while it is left to you to find a position and, if you don’t then your benefits will be sanctioned.

It’s all about restraint and, giving you boundaries and, to string you along whilst they’re doing it.  You’re being moulded daily, but you don’t realise that it’s happening, non of you do.

So, now your in a job that in actual fact being disabled you can’t do.  It was all right for an hour here, or an hour there because after that you get the opportunity to go home and rest, but now you’re attempting to keep up with everyone that’s not disabled, but you can’t because at the moment you’re doing an 8-hour day.

Yet you can’t hand your notice in because if you do, you won’t qualify for a single benefit and, I frequently wonder while I journey through life and, interact with different people, what it’s all about, what role do we in fact compete against and, for a while there I really believe that if somebody were out there taking a snapshot of our lives what it would in fact look like if we were on the other side of the camera looking in.

It’s all about rivalry and, how maniacal our life in fact is, that we have to compete against everybody else to get on in this life.  When would it not be more pragmatic to be thankful for what we’ve got, more than what we can have and, extract from others.

Yet there will continually be someone out there who will rebel, not against the structure of society, but in opposition to one another because they have this acute neediness to expand their pockets a little bit more, up until in the end they tear the fabric from our society.


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