If Iain Duncan Smith believes that he can survive on £53 per week, then I would in fact, love to see him to do it.  He appears to make these declarations and, then simply can’t put his money were his mouth is, that’s because he’s got so much money, he just doesn’t know what to do with it – Bend Over, Wend Over!


A common rhetorical sleight of hand for politicians is to talk about looking after the tax payer.  Nonetheless, the point is they’re only actually interested with particular tax payers.  The electoral classes that decide the results of popular voters, often the people on middle salaries and, they babble away as if tax payers are some hard pressed group who are oppressed by the low income families and, that the rest of us don’t pay taxes, well that’s where they’re mistaken.

The truth is that there are innumerable different taxes, at least 25 different taxes and, as well the low income people don’t just pay tax, they frequently pay the most tax and, as our revenues alter, so do the various types of taxes we pay.

The two pie graphs beneath compare the taxes paid by the poorest 10% of families and, the richest 10% of families and, it is extremely transparent that, for the poorest, the most sizeable taxes are VAT, council tax and income tax, but for the richest 10% it’s Income tax that is by far the biggest tax.


So, it’s completely transparent that the poor do in fact pay taxes.  Not just incidental taxes, like VAT, but as well income tax and council tax.  A great deal of other taxes are concealed from sight in duties or other background taxes like Employer’s National Insurance and, this is why it’s extremely important to pay attention to the detail of what Chancellors say in their financial plans each year.

So, does that indicate that if a low income family are getting their benefits from the taxpayer and, they have already paid tax on that money and, then the money that goes to the low income family is taxed, does that mean it’s been levied twice?

As well, you might usually presume that the rich must pay a much higher percentage of tax than the poor.  After all, the income tax network is meant to place progressively higher duty on people with high incomes, but when you look at the proportion of tax paid by each household you find something very unforeseen.


Curiously this all means that, excluding for the very poor, the UK has what is named a flat tax system and, everyone pays the identical scale of tax as each other, but this flat tax system is attained by integrating a continuous income tax system with a system of an extremely high oblique or concealed taxes, what are called regressive taxes that prey on the poorest.

Perhaps this plays down the problem because if you have a disability or are becoming debilitated in old age and, as a result require social care, you will discover that you are subject to an additional savage tax called social care charging, a tax that exclusively preys on disabled people.

There are three things to bear in mind when politicians talk about tax:

1. Tax payers are not an exceptional group of people, we are all tax payers

2. Tax payers are not burdened by the poor, the poor are super tax payers.

3. Tax cuts come in many contrasting shapes and sizes, not everyone benefits equally

So, if Iain Duncan Smith and, his family does want to live on £53 per week, then maybe he will be additionally responsive to the reality that a lot of this money will be handed straight back to the government.

Nonetheless, we wouldn’t want to cut in on his brief and fleeting pleasure of believing that he could conceivably sustain oneself on £53 per week.   Just a dull-witted intellect could entertain himself with that witticism because we’re all mocking him and, now that he has exposed himself to such mockery, I’m sure his own family are so proud of him.

For that reason it is merely a noble man that could conceivably categorise himself in the selfsame group as what they keep calling scroungers.  If Iain Duncan Smith had to ever become low-income he would become no more than the pitiful dogs we see homeless on the streets, which the now government find irritating and inferior.

Well, I now find IDS and, all his cabinet ministers in the Tory party displeasing and, certainly not competent to run this country.  They are ill-suited for the job because they plainly have no empathy and, you have to have at least some compassion to mend a country that is on the edge of cataclysmic disaster.

To be a winner is be somebody who is a nobody because most people that run the government are so incarcerated in their own prisons, that they have no concept of what really goes on in the real world, which conflicts with what IDS states, that he could survive on £53 per week.

Iain Duncan Smith may believe that he can survive on £53 per week, but frankly he has at no time really experienced penury, although I dare say his portrayal of poverty and mine, may be totally different, but I dare say he’s not at anytime in his life had to feed himself from a food bank, or sleep on the streets.  Well, neither had a lot of other people until he brought in this senseless reform of his.

When someone says to you that they could survive on £53 per week, I’d deem that a bit of a bet, or why on earth would you say it, unless you knew you could do it and, I’ve not seen Iain Duncan Smith live off £53 per week and, when questioned, he just hurls his toys out of his pram like an overindulgent child.  So, I’m not asking Iain Duncan Smith whether he could do it, I’m asking him, why did he say that he could survive on £53 per week, when obviously he had no intent of presentation and, showing the public that he could, or did he just simply want to piss people off more than they were already pissed off, although, if the people of England really thought he was going to live off £53 for the week, they were very much misguided because he said it knowing full well he would never do it because he knew that he would be proved wrong and, would just make a complete arse of himself.


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