David Cameron stated, “It was time to pull together,” in conjunction with his Conservative catchphrase of, “We’re all in this together”.


Well, I can’t see much togetherness going on at the moment when Iain Duncan Smith’s department hands out gratuities of £44 million while reducing benefits for the vulnerable.  What David Cameron in fact indicated when he recited, “We’re all in this together”, is that we are, so long as it’s not coming out of their resources.  After all, you have to “Pick a pocket or two” because, in this life, only one thing counts, in the bank and large amounts because money, I’m afraid don’t grow on trees, so you’ve got to pick a pocket or two.


Although the government is saying,  “It’s true, why should we break our backs, stupidly paying tax, better pick a pocket or two”.

Well, they are without doubt picking a pocket or two because Senior civil service fatcats based in Whitehall are still paid bonuses of up to £17,500 based on performance, is that performance on how many pockets they can pick?


Work Secretary Iain Duncan Smith paid his employees bonuses totalling more than £44 million last year while cutting benefits for the numerous poor and vulnerable people.

The top Tory’s departments are in disarray with delays to leading benefit improvements, an enormous benefit tests pileup, bungled work capability assessments and an IT disaster.

Although Senior Civil Service fatcats based in Whitehall were still given bonuses of up to £17,500, based on their capabilities of the previous year.

In all, just 62 of them split £671,000 on top of their substantial earnings that frequently ran into six figures and more junior Department for Work and Pensions employees were paid bonuses of up to £2,710 to top up their wages.

All in all, 97,701 of the department’s 99,739 workforce, an amazing 98% shared more than £43.8 million and, that vast amount of money was in addition to the in-year rewards of money and vouchers aggregating a further £5.3 million.

So, as we can see from this, “We’re not all in this together” and, David Cameron’s motto is nothing but a show of fake deceit, so that he can manoeuvre the people into thinking his stand on his bold slogan is genuine and, that he truly is convinced by it, but he in fact is a spineless individual who’s not valiant enough to confess that he has enticed the public into a seduction that everyone is in this together, but of course they’re not because he is unaffected by penury and, what he doesn’t tell you is that he deems the people of Britain who are out-of-work, nauseating and, he is repelled by this and looks at each person as a scrounger, including the disabled.

If we are all in this together, then David Cameron and, all the constituents of his party in Government should be reaching into their pockets so that they can put something back into the coffers because that’s what it means to all be in this together.  After all, it’s not one directive for them and, another for us.

Why should people of the United Kingdom be punished and, be taken advantage of to the detriment of their families, who are now against this kind of behaviour that the government are now sporting, as they show off to the press what pleasant vacations and, how many second homes they can have, at the cost of the taxpayer, while the United Kingdom is in disrepair.

It raises some extremely significant issues and, in the end, the people of Great Britain will NOT allow this type of behaviour from the Government.  They will take a leap of faith and, upturn everything this government is trying to do.

People may look ignorant, but they do sit and evaluate and assess the facts that they think are not fair and, once they inspect and question, they want an opportunity to speak.

Whatever the government do in regards to cutting benefits is an intentional venture of self-control, to try and whip the people of the United Kingdom into line with what the government think is the source of all evil and, that there should be one rule only, their rule, to preside over us with supremacy and restraint.

They will take everything from as, so long as we give them permission to.  Nonetheless, we are in charge of the situation and, we don’t realise it because without the public who make this United Kingdom go round, there would be no United Kingdom because we keep everything turning.

There is a large number of people who get up in the early morning, every day to go to work and, they work arduously and, long hours, some for next to no money at all, but they’re the people that keep this country going, without them, the country would come to a gridlock, but wind them up enough and, it may still come to a standstill because without the government realising it, they need the people, more than the people need the government.


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