Some people being announced not unfit for work because of a certain disability is an Urban Myth, or an old wives tale and, that numerous people have died because of this and, this is at the moment being called a Myth as well.


I must say that perhaps the press may have possibly leapt on the wagon and overstated what has actually been said, but they’re not a long way off from the facts.

Nevertheless, when a man who was paralysed in a car crash and, who needs round the clock supervision faces financial and psychological upheaval because it’s been shown he’s fit for work, is that an Urban Myth, or are we going to be advised by some political activist that it’s a Myth and, we shouldn’t regard it as true.


It seems that it’s an Urban Myth that Atos is eliminating a number of people a week, well I’m not knowledgeable of the number and, really don’t care, what I care about is that if Simon Stevens, Independent Disability Issues Consultant, Trainer and Activist wants to equal Human Beings to a tin of baked beans, then evidently he has Disability Issues.

Maybe Atos are not killing these people physically, but they’re killing them mentally because they’re taking away their benefits on the deduction that they’re fit enough to work, when they’ve just spent maybe an hour with that disabled individual, of whom they do not know, have never met prior to this, yet they’re sitting behind a desk, in front of a computer screen making snap findings on a score process.

These people are servants to the government, who are pulling the strings and, telling them what to do and, how to conduct themselves and, allegedly even if that person is too sick to work, they tell them to score them so that they can be fit for work.


As well, if they accomplish getting additional people back into work, they can then have a big fat gratuity for doing so, so in reference, they’re just like the people that they’re rating, only they’re not disabled, but they’re pawns, doing the establishments handiwork.


It was put forward that if Atos were killing people, there would be people taken into custody, court cases and public examination and, at present there are court hearings going on, as for people being taken into custody, well that’s not going to happen and, as for public investigation, it’s too early in the day for that, not enough ruination has been done.

There’s no Urban Myth about hate crime when it comes to disabled people.  I’m disabled and, I’ve been the target to loathing numerous times, although by good fortune for myself I’ve not been assaulted, not physically anyhow, nevertheless, my son who is disabled has been an object of hate crimes a great deal and, as well, his friends that are disabled have been as well.


Hate crime happens all over, but more so now that the government have brought in their welfare reforms and, as far as people who work are interested if you breathe, you’re a valid living thing and, you can work and, it actually doesn’t matter whether you have no arms or legs, or on a life support machine, all they see is that they’re paying their taxes to pay for someone who is less able and, when I’ve spoken to some people of whom I can’t name, their viewpoint is that if I was dead, it would be less challenging on their pockets.

As for anti-social behaviour, for my part, if truth be told, I find that younger people are more accommodating to my disability than older people.  I assume because I’m older and, they’re younger; my age demonstrates that I should be on a scooter or a wheelchair, because to them I must appear old, but I’m not that old.


As for my son who’s disabled, he gets far more disapproval and, hostility than I do from people his own age because they believe he should be the same as they are, but he’s not.  So, it’s not just younger people, but older as well that are responsible for anti-social behaviour regarding disabled people.

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


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