A judge let a pedophile walk out of court without charge after the judge portrayed the 13 year old who was his prey as a “sexual predator”, after taking into consideration the fact that the child appeared older.

It should not matter if a child seems older, that person is still a child and, consequently is under age and, it did not give the 41 year old man the right to misuse her, if she looked older or not.

The judge said that: “The girl was predatory in all her actions and she is sexually experienced.”, but Mr Wilson enticed the teenager to his home in Romford, Essex, where he watched her undress out of her school uniform before she carried out a sex act on him.

She may not have been almost sixteen and, he knew this,  yet he still proceeded to permit this young girl to go back to his home and, let her perform sex upon him, as well, he had a horde of foul images and videos portraying child abuse and bestiality and, on that count he should have been imprisoned, even if he was not imprisoned for sexual assault on the young girl, he should have been placed on the Sex Offenders List and, imposed some type of prison term to make sure he did not do this again.

The child was additionally under age and, should have therefore been examined by Social Services because evidently there is something extremely awry when a child of such a young age should be parading herself in front of older men for sexual intercourse.


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