Sick people who have to sit in Basildon Hospital’s accident and emergency department have given it the worst scores in the United Kingdom as stated by a new census.


Patients are grading Basildon’s Accident and Emergency department the lowest in the United Kingdom and, when sick people are coming into the department they are asked if they would favour Basildon Hospital to their friends and family.

Accident and Emergency at the hospital in Basildon, Essex rated the third lowest in the whole country in April, 42 per cent of consumers said they would not recommend it.

Being a consumer myself and, living not far from the hospital, I would have to evaluate the hospital at a big fat zero and, although, on the odd occasion,  the service is what I would call adequate, a lot of the time, it is shocking, staff are ill-mannered; doctors have no bedside manner and, student doctors have no concept of what some of the medication is and, I always take someone with me so that I’m not named a fibber later on down the line.

I must point out that I have in fact been to a hospital (of whom I cannot name) out of my locality that was much worse and that I couldn’t conceivably score at all because it falls beneath any scale.

The Basildon trust spokesman said: “We are committed to ensuring our hospitals provide high quality, safe care and, every patient has a positive experience.”


The last time I had a positive experience in Basildon Hospital was around 29 years ago, since then the service has struggled over the years, resources have been slashed, as well as money for those resources.  I seldom feel that I experience high quality care; it is extremely haphazard and, I had been made to walk around to the X-ray department when I obviously was not well and, they couldn’t find a wheelchair for me, so that my son could wheel me in.

I felt belittled and, was made to feel like I was a liar and that I was wasting their time and, should not be there and, I frequently ponder on what their meaning of high quality, safe care and positive experience are because it evidently isn’t the same as mine.


One thought on “Basildon’s Accident and Emergency is Third Lowest in UK

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