Jeremy Hunt acted illegally and, misbehaved badly, using his authority to endeavour to cut facilities at a London Hospital in Lewisham.

If Jeremy Hunt had achieved this, it would have had serious consequences for the future of the NHS hospitals.


The residents of Lewisham fought in opposition to Jeremy Hunt and, were victorious in that battle when a High Court judge ordered that cuts at Lewisham Hospital that were endorsed by Mr Hunt earlier this year should’ve never have been set forward in the first place.

There were rounds of applause in court as Mr Justice Siber pronounced that the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt had violated the terms of the National Health Services Act 2006.

It’s an act of parliament that lays out the formation of the National Health Service in England and, it doesn’t matter who’s in government after that time, that law remains until it’s amended.

Consequently it has to continue to be the same, except in a case where a government or high court alters that enactment.

Anyway, we are far from secure of anything because someone will eventually come along and, amend that law when they feel like it, or when it’s no longer of use to them.

The residents of Lewisham may have won their battle for the time being and, Lewisham Hospital is protected for a while, but in due course some bright spark will come along and try to modify that ruling because laws were meant to be broken.


It’s in human nature to break the rules because they were made by man himself.


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