A PENSIONER has accused McDonald’s of discrimination after McDonald’s prohibited her mobility vehicle from a drive-thru.


The lady pulled up at the popular establishment because she fancied a strawberry milk shake and, was then told that the mobility vehicle broke health and safety regulations.


Mobility scooters provide a person the sense of independence that they require to get out and about, but as stated by McDonald’s, not any longer.

The lady said that she didn’t expect that McDonald’s would want a large motor vehicle driving through the restaurant and, thought it would be a bit of fun to use the drive-thru.


Mobility scooters can cause substantial harm to the user or other people if it crashes into someone or something.

Class 2, controlled wheelchairs and scooters, these are only suitable for driving on pavements or footpaths and, have a top speed of 4 miles an hour.

Class 3, powered wheelchairs and other outdoor powered vehicles, including scooters.  These are appropriate for riding on roads and, have a top rapidity of 8 miles an hour and, must not weigh more than 150 kilograms without the operator and any cargo.

I’m not sure of which mobility vehicle the lady was operating, but by what I could see, this lady was driving an 8 mile an hour scooter and, that is then classed as a motor vehicle with a tax disc, so she should have been allowed to have gone through the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

Nonetheless, even had her scooter been a 4 mile an hour buggy, then health and safety would not have allowed her to drive into the restaurant because it then becomes a fire hazard and, is for road use only.


2 thoughts on “Scooter drive-thru Ban

  1. Is the scooter electric or powered by gas. I don’t understand how an electric scooter could be classed as a fire Hazzard.


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