Now they’re putting large outdoor board displays telling illegal immigrants to go home, or face being taken into custody.

Had the government not let them come in and, continue to be here in the first place, then we’d not have billboards like this.  After all, it says illegal immigrants, which means they’re not meant to be here, so why are they and, why have they been allowed to continue to exist in this country for so long?

Illegal immigrant means that they’re here without suitable documents and, over the years illegal immigration has become overwhelmingly on the rise, from the poorer to the richer country, but the United Kingdom is no longer the wealthy country that the poorer immigrant thought it used to be, so why are they still flocking in?


Since 1945, immigration to the United Kingdom under British nationality law has been considerable, in particular from the Republic of Ireland and, from previous settlements and colonies of the British Empire, such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Caribbean, South Africa, Kenya and, Hong Kong.

Nonetheless, advertisements like this on the side of vehicles is unpleasant, as well as disagreeable and, should not be allowed and, if we do, then we are presenting ourselves like animals that are no better than the ones at the zoo.

Illegal immigration happens largely from countries with lower socio-economic situations to countries with greater socio-economic conditions, but in this country presently, that is not the situation.

In 1965, a new Act demanded migrants to have an occupation prior to their arrival and, to have special expertise or who would fulfil the labour requirements of the national economy.

So when prospective immigrants think that the likelihood and benefits of successfully relocating to their destination country are considerably more costly, then illegal immigration becomes an option.

The government said that it was more economical to get people to depart from the United Kingdom of their own free will, as an option of being led away in hand restraints, but these people know that at the end of the day they are going to be led away in handcuffs because they know they’re here illegally, they may be foreign, but their not ignorant.

Flyers and advertisements are being given out in internet cafes, newsagents and money transfer shops and, the government are saying that they’re handing out direction and assistance with travel documents, but that won’t make any difference because the illegal immigrants that come into England do so because even though we are in a financial decline over here in the UK, it is still more effective for them to live here in England and, still post money back to their families in whatever country that they came from and, still have enough to live off while in England.

What the advertisements should say is: Please don’t vote for any government party next time, because whoever gets in cocks it up anyhow.


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