One day you’re living and, the following day you’re in your coffin, well that’s what occurred when Gillian Tuckman’s retirement benefits were cut short, following an inaccuracy that was made by the Department for Work and Pensions when they made a complete and utter cock up.


This lady had no idea of what was going on until the Council sent her a letter to say that her executors were offering their sympathy.

The DWP said that a human blunder was accountable for the mix up, which leads me to the billion pound debate, if human error is to be held responsible, then what else are they responsible for where facts and figures and, calculations on the out-of-work and, disabled are concerned, in fact, all scroungers that the government say are claiming benefits, or is that an error as well?

The council has restored her benefit immediately and, once again, the council expressed regret for the distress brought about to Miss Tuckman, but she said that while both the DWP and the council have made an apology through the press, they have not apologised to her – I hope they refunded her for the coffin as well!


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