I see human beings gob on the streets daily when I go out and, I find it completely repellent, as well as extremely loutish.

In some sections of the western world,  it’s believed ill-mannered and, a social taboo to spit and, in other parts of the world it’s considered more socially bearable.

Nevertheless, it’s believed that it’s likely to pass on communicable illness in this way, involving tuberculosis, influenza and, the common cold.


So presently, The London Borough of Enfield put an application into the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, for interim consent to make bye-laws to ban anti-social spitting.

Now, spitting on the streets will earn you an £80 fine, unless you have a fairly good excuse for doing so.

I believe it’s about time that spitting got prohibited and, I as well believe that a further law should be brought in and, that should be the spitting upon another person, particularly on the face, after all other anti-social behaviour is no longer permitted, involving dog fowling and urination, so why should a human being be given permission to phlegm on the pavements and spit in one’s face.

Spitting upon a person is a pointer of vexation, loathing, lack of respect and, distain for another human being and, as well a deliberate act of contamination and, I believe the act of doing so to another individual should be a criminal offence and that person should be taken into custody and placed on trial for that said crime.


Spitting is a profoundly displeasing act and should not be socially allowed. 

It conceivably is normal in some parts of the world, but it shouldn’t be customary here in the United Kingdom because what we have to bear in mind that maybe in some parts of the world it’s deemed part of daily life, but what we have to be mindful of, is that our border authority on immigration and tourists is not restricted by quarantine, so consequently any immigrant that comes into the country and spits because in their country it’s allowed, may be bringing infectious illnesses into our country and, that’s not acceptable and, this is why we have laws against animals fowling and urinating on the ground because of such contamination and if one spits, they are no better than the animal that fowls and urinates, although they’re animals and, they know no better!


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