Atos have without doubt gotten it all out of focus and, the taxpayer ends up picking up a very large bill, the total of £66 million pounds.


Atos reportedly trick sick people out of their benefits in an unfair way.  Their logic is that, if you have a finger and, you can push a button; then you can hold a position, so in essence to get any type of benefit, Atos are saying that you have to be unconsciousness to get it and, even then, people who are unconscious move their fingers, but that doesn’t mean that they can open their eyes and, get out of bed to get into work, which makes these assessments comical.

These assessments by Atos are unsuitable and, of a poor standard and, it’s at present costing the taxpayer further funds for benefit appeals, so these work capability assessments have not been successful at all, but we knew that would happen in the end.  It’s just one more of the Tories bright spark ideas gone wrong and, it doesn’t take the brightest tool in the electrical circuit to figure that one out.


Nonetheless, at this moment in time they’re passing the buck, as The shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Liam Byrne said that the DWP need to get a grip and, lay some blame on ATOS, yet isn’t it the DWP that applies direction for Atos in the first place and, so now who’s the pot calling the kettle black?


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