The Duchess of Cambridge has delivered a healthy baby boy.


So, we presently know that it’s a baby and, it’s a boy and, they’re were hundreds of other baby boys that were born on the same day and, they in no way got equal scrutiny. 

The only thing that a child will ever have to say as it’s growing up, is that they were born on the corresponding day as the destined to become king was and, then that will be the end of that analysis, but I suspect all the drunk party goers will be delighted by it.

The new baby is third in line to the royal seat and, I’m confident that the happy couple are titillated, although at the expense of the taxpayer.

The declaration of the happy event concluded a day of marauding media coverage, when in its place the press could have been looking with regard to thousands of people that have been taken off benefits and sanctioned and, are at the moment questioning where their next meal will come from, or how they’re going to pay their bills.

It was established that Catherine and, her offspring were doing well and, would stay in hospital overnight, once more at the taxpayer’s dispensation.

Prince Charles said he was savouring the prospect of grand fatherhood.  Which I’m sure the citizens of Great Britain will be smirking at and, laughing at the same time, so long as he doesn’t have to pick up a baby bottle to nurse the baby, for of course, Nanny McFee can do that job.


The new baby was just one of the newborns born into the UK yesterday, yet he will under no circumstances know anything about hardship, whilst one in three children in the UK live in poverty.

I do send one’s best wishes to the happy pair on the arrival of their recently born child because like each new parent they must be so chuffed and pleased with oneself, I know I would be and, it’s not because they’re Royalty or because the infant is in line to be King, but just because labour for anyone is a painful event, whether Royal or not!


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