Remploy is a company that’s owned by the DWP in the United Kingdom, which did supply work and employment placement services for disabled people.


It was set up in 1945 under the conditions of the Disabled Persons (Employment) Act 1945 and, over the years formed a web of 83 workshops across the UK.


In 2007, the people in charge of Remploy declared plans to close 42 Remploy workshops, but following that, then lowered that amount to 28 following inflamed argumentation with the TUC and, Labour conferences, with then the Work and Pensions minister Peter Hain.  Twenty-Nine workshops were closed in 2008.

Remploy had a vital rebuild and, became a supplier of employment for the disabled  and, others with obstacles to employment.

In 2009/10 Remploy housed over 10,500 people into positions across a scope of sectors.  In 2009,  Remploy was chosen as a prime-and-sub-contractor bringing the Government’s Flexible New Deal Contract, which assisted the long term out-of-work back into work.


Over the last 5 years,  it has located over 50,000 job for the disabled, but after an announcement was put forward in early 2012, the Coalition government plans to close 36 of its 54 workshops, potentially making 1,700 employees redundant, which just shows “We are not all in this together” and, the government’s objective is not to get ill and disabled people back into work; their goal is to take money off those that are less able and, starve them off anything they conceivably can.  The only thing that this government want ill and disabled people in, is their coffin!


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